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Jamar Enlightenment Center

May 27 @ 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Joseph LoBrutto III & Kristen Owsley Events

May 27th 2017 at Jamar Enlightenment Center.

4595 Northlake Blvd, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418                           (561) 630-2280

Those who have met Joseph LoBrutto confirm that God is working through him as a medium, spiritual healer, and channel of the sacred. Known for his warm heart and humble nature, Joseph has helped countless people who are grieving the loss of a loved one by delivering validating messages of love, hope, and joy from the departed soul. He has become world renowned for his ability to predict and deliver startlingly accurate and precise readings to his audience. Joseph is also known as a Spiritual Healing Medium working in the same vibration as John of God of Brazil. This great man foretold of Joseph’s healing gifts several years ago. Today many have experienced the miraculous healing of major diseases, emotional and physical trauma, depression, and addictions and have received spiritual balance for healthy mind, body and soul.

The Seven Stairwells to Source

Kristen Owsley teaches people how to connect directly with and to live within the loving energy of Source. Whatever earthly words are used to describe Kristen – leading light, spiritual master, or guru – there can be no denying the profound impact her work is having on those who are ready to hear her message. Because she herself has been able to master the process of staying within the high vibration of Source by recognizing, removing, and releasing low vibrational energy in order to maintain a clear channel to Source, she is able to help others connect with this energy as well. Many on the spiritual path are familiar with the power of forgiveness and gratitude but Kristen has a gift for showing us the metaphysical mechanics of these and other simple but powerful practices and explaining how and why they keep us linked into to the high vibration of loving Presence.

Joseph LoBrutto Divine Energy Healing 1-3PM $35 Joseph LoBrutto, known as a Spiritual Healing Medium working in the vibration of John of God of Brazil, will present a powerful group healing session where group members are guided to receive healing as well as spiritual balance for healthy mind, body and soul. CD’s of the Divine Healing Meditation will be available for purchase $20

*Kristen Owsley  Seven Stairwells to Source 4-6PM Love Offering Kristen will be discussing the Seven Stairwells to Source and explain how to clear your energetic Gield by recognizing, removing, and releasing low vibrational energy. Learn to create and maintain a clear channel to Source by learning to feel the differences in low vibrational verses high vibrational energies in our Gield and how to create practices for remaining grounded in Presence. Kristen will channel random personal messages from Source in a group setting.

Joseph LoBrutto Speaking to Heaven Event 7-9PM $35   Joseph communicates directly with loved ones, creating a loving bridge to the departed. He works in a group fashion performing random readings throughout the audience. Be prepared to receive fun-loving and heartfelt messages from the departed. Joseph’s “Speaking to Heaven” book will be available for purchase during the event. $20


Jamar Enlightenment Center
4595 Northlake Blvd,
Palm Beach Gardens , FL 33418 United States
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(561) 630-2280