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Those who have met Spiritual Healing Medium Joseph LoBrutto feel that God is working through him as a psychic medium, spiritual healer and channel of the sacred. This seminar will cover topics and exerises from the books “Is There More to Life…Than What we Know?” and “Speaking to Heaven.” Joseph will demonstrate random mediumistic readings to the audience. Topics will be discussed from the Divine Healing Affirmation  Cd along with a group healing for the mind body & soul. 

Recognized as the Real Deal!!
Joseph LoBrutto III has been TESTED AS LEGITMATE by Medium Channel and to have an accuracy rating of over 90% in his psychic and mediumistic ability. He has received Awards and is listed as one of the Top 100 Psychics in America. Joseph has been interviewed by NBC and ABC television along with numerous radio shows. Articles have been written about him in Major Newspapers and Magazines. img_2964

Walk the Labyrinth 9AM
Come spend the day with Joseph LoBrutto III as we set our life intention in his Divine Healing Retreat. The day will start off with  walking the labyrinth. **The Labyrinth** is a path and spiritual tool for growth, discernment, prayer and healing. 


Is There More to Life than what we Know? 


“Is There More to Life Than What We Know?” is an inspiring testimonial of how author Joseph LoBrutto III has embraced a deeply spiritual journey throughout his life. An intriguing blend of New Age philosophy, Judaism and Christianity, it is a personal account of the blessings that come with the pairing of powerful spiritual insight and a firm belief in a higher power. His focus is on lessons we should be learning while here on Earth and how we are all connected to God, the Universal Life Force.

Born with extraordinary psychic gifts and in touch with his spiritual guides, “The Collective”, since he was a small child, LoBrutto shares the lessons he has learned along the way with candor, humor, and an unerring sense of reverence for the power of spirituality in every life. Through descriptive stories Joseph tells how he channels “The Collective ” and presents information to help us understand why we are here and how to solve some of life’s mysteries. Joseph explains many modalities that exist in the fields of holistic health, wellness, and spirituality in a straightforward and succinct manner that will help readers on their own spiritual path.

Topic One Lectures: 10-1pm  

From the book  “Is there more to life”…Than what we Know?

  • Exercises:
  • E.S.P. Exercise (Extra Sensory Projection)
  • Psychometry Exercise.
  • Meditation: Meet and greet your Spirit Guides and Angels.


Lunch Break:

Lunch is included in this seminar.

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Mind Body Soul Healing Jacket


Divine Energy Healing  

Joseph is known as a Spiritual Healing Medium working in the vibration as of John of God (Brazil.)  His healing Gifts were foretold by this great man several years ago. Today many have witness the miraculous healing of major diseases, emotional and physical trauma, depression, addictions along with receiving spiritual balance for a healthy mind, body & spirit through Divine Energy Healing.



  • Topic Two Lecture:  From the Divine Healing CD 2-4pm
  • What is Divine Energy Healing.

Healing Session: Receive healing  through Joseph’s Divine Affirmations Healing Meditation. Wearing White  is recommended to increase the healing process of the Mind* Body & Soul.


Speaking to Heaven

What is heaven and where is it? What happens when we die? How can we communicate with our loved ones after they die? What about people who commit suicide; will they go to heaven or is there really a hell? If you have ever been curious about finding answers to such questions, then this book is for you.

In his latest book, “Speaking to Heaven”, Joseph LoBrutto III calls on decades of experience as a psychic medium and healer to present answers to these questions and more. Who better to tell us about heaven than those who have already passed on?

In his clear and easy style of communicating, Joseph explains the metaphysics of life on earth and how we transition to the world of spirit after we die. He also shares many stories from readings and galleries describing those special moments when he has connected living family members with their loved ones who have crossed over to the other side.

Topic Three Lectures: from his book “Speaking to Heaven” 4-6PM 

  • Speaking to Heaven Demonstration: Joseph will demonstrate random mediumistic readings to the audience for the allotted time reserved for this seminar. 

Spiritual Retreat

Duncan Center Delray Beach, Florida November 5th 2016  9AM-6PM 

Advance booking $99 after October 25th $130 Lunch is included !!!

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