About Rebekah Renee – Angelic Channel 


“We were created in LOVE, by LOVE, and for LOVE,

and we will return HOME to LOVE”

Rebekah Renee, Creator of Angels 911 and Bio-Photonic Eugenesis Therapy, has a special gift for helping people raise their vibrational energy field in order to evolve to higher dimensions because that is what she herself has been doing all of her life. What she brings to us through her work with the angels is a profound healing of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being as well as a sense of having control over our own destiny. We will establish a lifelong connection to the angels.
By the time she was fourteen Rebekah knew that her life mission was to better people’s lives by helping them communicate with their guides and angels. She has had many teachers along the way (both human and extraterrestrial) and extensive training in a range of healing arts. In 2013 she began channeling some of the highest photonic angels known to mankind. The angels communicated to her that she had been working with a very strong angel, one of the Dominions, and revealed to her the grand vision of all of those she would touch across dimensions. Today Rebekah continues evolving as an Angelic channel, teacher, mystic, and visionary. She blesses the lives of all whom she meets. Rebekah has created and facilitates the following modalities:

* ANGELS 911 – A reality show currently being broadcast on radio and social media and being produced for television, Angels 911 features real-life angelic interventions and was inspired at the suggestion of a grateful mother and daughter who received angelic help through Rebekah in a moment of crisis.
* Cellular Memory Healing – A technique for clearing people and pets of issues. The angels assist by allowing powerful releases from all layers of cellular memory to bring about physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.
* Angelic Soul Retrieval – Soul retrieval is a means of retrieving the ‘lost self’ through the creation of very positive neural pathways in the brain which leads to healing of cracks in the psyche that have resulted from life traumas. It is a powerful way to rise above the traumatic experience.
* Bio-Photonic Eugenic Therapy – A process for transforming our sub-atomic level from the status of Homo-Sapiens to that of Homo-Luminous and preparing us for the New Earth.
* AngelSpeak; Languages of Light – Used for guided meditations, activations, and transmissions.
* Clearings – The process of restoring balance and harmony to home, business, or property.
Private sessions are available. Find her on Facebook under Rebekah Renee or email her at solefire444@gmail.com