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Spiritual Lecture and Book Signings

is_there_more_to_life_than_we_knowJoseph is an Ordain Minister and has been a guest speaker for numerous Metaphysical Events, Seminars, New Age Stores, Unity and Metaphysical Churches. One of Joseph’s greatest accomplishments as an author is to publish one of the most enlightening books available in the New Age market “Is There More to Life Than What we Know?” “ A Spiritual Journey and Awakening to Finding God.” Joseph lectures are based on topics in his book like “The Christ Conscience” “The Evolution of the Soul” “The New Age” “The I Am Presence ” “Extraterrestrial Life” “Life After Death” “Who are Spirit Guides” and more topics to come. Joseph is available for a book signing after every event.

Speaking to Heaven with Joseph

gallery banner _edited-1Psychic Medium Joseph LoBrutto III communicates directly with loved ones, creating a loving bridge to the departed. He works in a group fashion performing random readings throughout the audience. As a mental medium he will sometimes take on the personality of the deceased person by mimicking mannerisms you may remember from when they were alive. Be prepared to receive fun-loving and heartfelt messages from the departed.

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Both Speaking to Heaven Gallery and Psychic Forum are open to the public. Skepticism is welcome but please come with an open mind, not with the intention on proving the medium wrong. The more opened minded you are the better chance that you will receive an amazing message.

Psychic Forum with Joseph

For years Joseph LoBrutto III has demonstrated on live radio his psychic abilities in answering questions on Career, Romance, Life-path, Spiritual Journey along with messages from passed loved ones and Spirit Guides. During the first part of this event, Joseph will perform random readings throughout the audience, as he communicates directly with loved ones, creating a loving bridge to the departed. During the second part of the forum Joseph will address all guest in answering their psychic questions.


Divine Energy Healing with Joseph Healing of the Mind – Body – Spirit

It was John of God of Brazil who informed Joseph that he will be coming into his healing abilties. Today many have witness the miraculous healings of diseases, depression along with receiving spiritual logosbalance for a healthy Mind, Body & Spirit.During the gathering Joseph will manipulate the energy field around each person causing their vibrational frequency to increase higher into the Alpha State while using a form of trance.

While in this state of consciousness the Healing Masters will work on each person Mental, Physical and Spiritual Self. During the Mental part of the healing you will find clarity in making decisions, to forgive and letting go of all fears. During the Physical part of the healing witnesses have commented on feeling sensations throughout their body focusing on their aliments. In the Spiritual part of the healing you will feel a closer connection with God and be greeted by your loved ones on the other-side making your connection an unforgettable memory.

After the collective group healing Joseph will approach each person channeling the healing of the Masters. Most will feel the the incredible energy throughout their body as Joseph channels in the Life-force energy known as Prana to complete the healing process..

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Connecting with God – Messages from The Ascended Masters

This Event will be facilitated to a limited amount of selective people. If you have doubts or skepticism this event is not for you. Due to the nature of channeling the Ascended Masters the condition of the environment must be of the highest vibrations of love. This event fills up quickly and it is important to register early.

joseph-spirit-speaksJoseph LoBrutto III has dedicated himself to bring forth in full trance channeling Godly words of wisdom from the Ascended Masters and other beings of the God Source. Be prepare to receive messages from Joseph guides as they pick a few selected people in the audience to read. Meet the Irish Patrick as he raises the rooms vibration with his witty personality and laughter. Joseph’s guide Indigo will inform us about earthly and extraterrestrial events. Yeshua “Jesus” known as the King of Peace along with the Master Yehoshu’a “Joshua”, who once was the leader of the Israelite tribes after the death of Moses will share their knowledge of God, the Christ Conciseness and how to prepare our soul for the coming of Ascension. “Blessed Joshua Stones “will be gifted to the audience as a memento of the blessed event.

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Spirit Transfiguration Séance

seanceThis Séance will be facilitated to a limited amount of selective people. If you have doubts, skepticism or phobia of darken rooms this event is not for you. Due to the nature of this event the environmental conditions must be of the highest vibrations. This event fills up quickly and it is important to register early.

Spirit Transfiguration was popular during the beginning of the 20th century, when interest in spiritualism was at its height. Joseph has demonstrate this rare gift of transfiguration in a darken room group setting as he stands up against a black drape. You can actually see the ectoplasm superimposed around Joseph taking on many male and female characteristics. Ectoplasm is a light cobwebbing substance that forms around Joseph’s body and is then physically manipulated by the spirit. The transfiguration may appear to be almost translucent, as Joseph’s face will disappear altogether, replaced by the features of the spirit. Many have recognized the faces as deceased loved ones along with spirits of women and men in different shape and sizes. Guides will show themselves as well as witness have seen Native Americans, Oriental men, Ascended Masters and even some described as looking extraterrestrial. The list of sightings just goes on and on, there has been countless of entities to come through, you just never know who it might be! During resent Transfiguration Séance people have witness “Spirt Lights” all above and around Joseph’s body along with bright flashes in the room. Strange Raps and Knocks out of nowhere along with the levitation of a small table. Joseph is now working on having spirit perform Direct Voice, Move Objects and send Apports into our physical world. Very excited to see and an event not to miss!!

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Unlock your Psychic Mind

Unlock-150x150As a Teacher Joseph will help you Unlock Your Psychic Mind by exploring the subjects of Psychic Awareness and by utilizing your psychic strengths. Learn tips on Raising your Vibrations and to Send & Receive psychic information. Color and energy sensing along with Billet Reading. Joseph will share a unique technique in giving a psychic reading by using Psychometry and Numerology.

Connecting with our Angels & Spirit Guides.

Sacred ChannelingLearn techniques in channeling by attending his Open to Channeling Workshop. Joseph has a unique and exciting style in teaching this class. He will actually put everyone under in a deep trance using hypnosis. His Spirit Guides will work through him manipulating the energy field around each student causing their vibrational frequency to increase higher into the Alpha State causing a strong connection. By this method you will connect with your Higher Self, Angels, Spirit Guides or meet your loved ones on the other-side.