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"Is There More To Life Than What We Know?”

A Spiritual Journey and Awakening to Finding God

Published in English and Spanish

This is one of the best books I have ever read in regards to clearly exhibiting how one should develop their skills as a psychic medium and channel. The entire book enables the reader to gain new understanding through the looking glass of Joseph’s amazing journey.

The reader will witness the various experiences of Joseph and how these encounters contributed to his psychic development and led up to his present day talents as an internationally renowned psychic medium. In addition to being an enthralling and highly entertaining work “Is There More To Life Than What We Know? A Spiritual Journey and Awakening To Finding God” offers an incredible look at the many modalities which exists in the fields of holistic health, wellness and spirituality. Throughout the book many genres of spirituality are explained and illustrated in a straightforward and succinct manner which is sure to inform and educate readers of all ages.
If you find yourself asking “Is There More To Life Than What We Know” this book is a must read. Through this amazing collection of channeled messages from beyond you will find the answers you seek and all perceived contradiction will quickly dissipate. I found this book extremely difficult to put down and am looking forward to experiencing the rest of Joseph’s spiritual journey and awakening to finding God. Ron Ash / Book Reviewer… Buy The Book Today It will Change Your Life Forever!!!
$15.95 in Paperback Also Available as an Audiobook. Buy Audiobook click here for Mp3 download

The Book Has Been Describe as an Incredible Journey and Awakening in Finding God!

(Spanish Edition)

También dispnible en español Aquí Comprar $15.95

Speaking to Heaven

Speaking To Heaven Book$15.95

Our Loved Ones are Only a Breath Away

What is heaven and where is it? What happens when we die? How can we communicate with our loved ones after they die? What about people who commit suicide; will they go to heaven or is there really a hell? If you have ever been curious about finding answers to such questions, then this book is for you.

In his latest book, "Speaking to Heaven", Joseph LoBrutto III calls on decades of experience as a psychic medium and healer to present answers to these questions and more. Who better to tell us about heaven than those who have already passed on? In his clear and easy style of communicating, Joseph explains the metaphysics of life on earth and how we transition to the world of spirit after we die. He also shares many stories from readings and galleries describing those special moments when he has connected living family members with their loved ones who have crossed over to the other side.

I have long been looking forward to a new book from psychic medium Joseph LoBrutto and his latest book “Speaking to Heaven” does not disappoint. I confess to having a deep fascination with metaphysics and especially with the phenomenon of communicating with the spirit world, so this is the perfect book for me. In his latest book Joseph describes what happens to us after we die so clearly that it allows me to have peace of mind not only for my own inevitable death but also in regard to those I love as well. I also really enjoy the stories in his book about families who connect with their loved ones on the other side through Joseph’s gift; that is always so amazing to me.

Not only does he describe the journey of a soul that has passed over but he also gives us insight into such topics as what happens to people who commit suicide and how reincarnation works, just to name a few. He even gives us some tips on how to contact our loved ones who have passed over ourselves! Although the topics he talks about in “Speaking to Heaven” are deep, the style is personable and easy to read, like Joseph is talking to you. Don’t miss this book!

- Ellen McCrae~ Book Reviewer-

The Promise Audiobook

The Metaphysical Teachings of Jesus

Narrated by Joseph "Man of God" The Promise has been described as a motion picture score as the story of Jesus comes to life with the orchestrated music of renowned musician Man Parrish. The Promise is a personal account of the blessings that come with the blending of powerful insight and a firm belief in a higher power along with an intriguing blend of Judaism, Christianity and New Age philosophy.

Buy Audiobook click here for Mp3 download Here is a sample of all four chapters in the Audiobook

Universal Energy Cards Joseph LoBrutto III

Universal Energy Cards $26

All beings in the universe communicates with one another by vibrations, sound and color. These cards were channeled by a person who claimed to be extraterrestrial and gifted to Joseph.. The color symbols on the cards are Universal Symbols that holds a certain vibration on each card that will serve a function.

By placings your left hand over the cards you will notice heat resinating from some of the cards. Other cards will activate when you are in need of them. This means the card is activated and here is what to expect from each card.

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