Mediumistic 3 Person Session


Mediumistic 3 Person Session 00035

3 Person Mediumistic Reading

Price: $350.00

This Reading is up to 50 minutes long. Joseph's Mediumship readings are right to the point that 50 min is enough time, if extra time is needed Joseph will go to the end of the hour. Their is absolutely no difference between in-person and over the phone sessions.

It is Important that all participating in the reading are family members!

The Reason Why: Some loved ones that come through to Joseph are more stronger then others. So one person in the group may receive more attention from their loved ones then the others in the group or the opposite, loves one from other family will compete for Joseph's attention resuting in short readings. By having all the group members as family Joseph will direct the reading to the whole group.

Exceptions: If the group is interested in conecting to one certain person, when that person comes through to Joseph he can direct the reading to the whole group.

$350 In stock

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