Speaking to Heaven Event

Witness Joseph outstanding demonstration of his Evidential Mediumship style is often seen on TV! During his gallery he brings through clear evidence about your loved ones in spirit often clarifying questions you might have had since their transition.

Recognized as a loving bridge to the departed he brings comfort and joy as he randomly reads the audience delivering heartfelt messages that will make your evening an unforgettable experience.

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Attending this event does not guarantee you a reading, please listen to all of the readings, even those for others; one message will often relate to so many people, so be open to the process and experience when attending. The audience members who are meant to receive messages from their loved ones in spirit, will.

All information obtained is to be taken solely as advisory in nature and is for entertainment only. This Establishment, Our Journey of Life along with Joseph LoBrutto III will not be held liable for any action taken based upon advice received from the aforementioned. Joseph LoBruttto III is not a psychological or medical professional and is unable to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any ailment be it mental or physical in nature.…

Divine Energy Healing Gathering


The ultimate Source of Divine Healing Energy is God. Who is the Source of all Life. The Divine Healing Energy passes from God through Higher Beings known as Healing Masters and Angels. The Healing Masters/Angels work with the healer (Joseph) channeling the Divine Energy Healing to the person etheric, mental, emotional, and physical bodiesIt was John of God of Brazil who informed Joseph that he will be coming into his healing abilities. Today many have witness the miraculous healing of diseases, depression along with receiving spiritual balance for a healthy Mind, Body & Spirit.

Joseph is a channel for the Healing Masters. They work through him allowing healing energies to flow through Joseph to you. These energies come from The Source, Prana, also known as “Life Force Energy”. This is the power that can awaken the natural, self-healing, abilities within a person. This is the force that can bring about a state of natural relaxation.

The Masters channel the Life Force Energy through Joseph’s hands. Most people will say they feel intense heat where Joseph places his hands. This fresh, healing energy that Joseph is transferring to you replaces your depleted energy. Joseph is working with your energy field during this stage; the only physical contact if needed is where you have psychical trauma to your body.


Health Disclaimer: Joseph LoBruttto III is not a psychological or medical professional and is unable to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any ailment be it mental or physical in nature. If you have a medical condition, I advise you to see your own qualified medical advisor and receive a full and proper medical diagnosis. I am not qualified to diagnose or give medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. These processes are meant to enhance and support you on your own path of healing and growth.You should feel free to use this work gracefully alongside whatever other healing modalities you choose. Anyone using this consulting service acknowledges that they have read and understand the details of this disclaimer.


Divine Affirmation Cards Workshop



Join Joseph LoBrutto III, known as a Spiritual Healing Medium working in the vibration as of John of God of Brazil, for a fun and relaxing workshop on how to use the Divine Affirmation cards to become a healthier and happier you. No matter what you are trying to manifest in your life right now – whether you want to improve your financial situation, resolve health issues, or find the perfect partner – you can shift the outcome in your favor by working with these amazing cards. They have been designed to support and strengthen the healing of our energetic field of potentiality. The Universe is made of pure energy; it’s a vibration. When we tap into this energy, we can use it as a tool to create a better life.

During the workshop Joseph will demonstrate the use of the cards in conjunction with the meditations that have been produced to go with each card. The meditations are relaxing but at the same time they are fine-tuning your mind and your energy field to focus on things you want and need in your life. Every participant receives a deck of the Divine Affirmation cards as part of the workshop. CD’s of the meditation and additional decks will also be available for sale. These classes fill up quickly so call and reserve a spot today!


Joseph Speaking to Heaven Event


Book: Speaking to HeavenExperience for yourself Joseph LoBrutto SPEAKING TO HEAVEN GALLERY in Boca Raton, FL. $50 5-7PM

Unlike his big groups of hundreds this will be held in a SMALL GROUP setting of up to 25 people. This event will sell out quickly no door sales. Purchase tickets $50 Call 561-433-4012


Our Journey of Life Center
Suite 1250
301 Yamato Rd
Boca Raton Fl, 33431…

From a Life on Hold to a Clean Bill of Health – A Testimonial

One of the best things about working as a healer is the gratification I get from watching people whom I’ve helped move past the pain and debilitation of disease as they step back into the lives they were meant to live. Some healings are quick to manifest and the client will notice an immediate improvement when the pain that they had been experiencing is suddenly gone. Others will see improvement over time and will get relief from their condition more gradually. Over the years I have received many testimonials from grateful clients describing their experience. Staci Lord is one of those people and she has shared this with me.

“I am one of the many people whose life has been touched by Joseph LoBrutto. I originally knew Joseph through his work as a psychic medium and I had watched him perform at his galleries where through his gift many people were re-united with loved ones on the other side. When I first met him he had not yet really begun to focus on his healing abilities.

 “Then I began to have some health issues. I had begun to experience a series of unpleasant symptoms with stomach pains and unexplained weight loss. The doctors originally could not figure out what the problem was; they thought maybe it was IBS or maybe I was lactose intolerant. Finally, after many tests and much discomfort, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. For those who are unfamiliar, Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory bowel disease. It causes inflammation of the lining of your digestive tract, and yes, that is every bit as uncomfortable as it sounds.

 “Suddenly my life was on hold. I was not physically able to hold a full-time job and coincidentally at about this time we moved from south Florida to central Florida, so nothing in my life was the same. My life became an emotional roller coaster. There is no known cure for Crohn’s disease, although there are some therapies that can help to deal with the symptoms, but I was not having much luck with them.

 “Then a few years ago I attended a number of Joseph’s healing circles as this was the time that he was beginning to share his healing gifts with the public. The healing circles  are similar to the psychic galleries only the focus is obviously on healing instead of on receiving messages from heaven. The entire experience is very relaxing and pleasant, with Joseph putting everyone in the room into a deep meditation and then he moves from one person to another administering the healing energy as directed by his spiritual guides and also by proxy the energy of John of God. For me there was also a sense of letting go and even some tears as I released my negative emotions. Over time I began to experience more and more relief of the pain.

 “This was in the summer through the late fall of 2015. By January of 2016 I had a colonoscopy done and there was absolutely no sign of the Crohn’s! My gastroenterologist told me that if he had not done the original tests himself he would have not believed I had ever had the disease.

 “I am profoundly grateful for the healing I received from Joseph. Thanks to him my life is back on track again and I continue to be in remission. If anyone is curious about how effective these healing sessions are, I strongly urge you to give it a try and go into it with an open mind. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Miami Event Five Sisters

Five Sisters Presents Joseph LoBrutto

Top 100 Medium in America January 14th 2017


IMG_3029 (1)Joseph LoBrutto III has been tested as Legitimate by Medium Channel and to have a high accuracy rating of over 90% in his psychic and mediumistic abilities. Interviewed by NBC and ABC television, CBS Radio, local and national radio shows, Florida Sun Sentinel and many other national newspapers and magazines. Many have witness his incredible abilities in receiving Messages from the Other Side in his Speaking to Heaven Gallery.

Joseph  is known as a Spiritual Healing Medium working in the vibration as of John of God (Brazil.) Joseph’s healing Gifts were foretold by this great man several years ago. Today many have witness the miraculous healing of major diseases emotional and physical  trauma, depression, addictions along with receiving spiritual balance for a healthy mind, body & soul through Divine Energy Healing.  

Saturday January 14th 3PM-5PM*Divine Energy Healing $35 in Advance Joseph is known as a Spiritual Healing Medium working in the vibration as of John of God (Brazil.) Joseph’s healing Gifts were foretold by this great man several years ago and today witness the miraculous healing of God through Joseph.

Saturday January 14th 7-9PM **Speaking to Heaven Gallery** $40 in Advance. Joseph communicates directly with loved ones, creating a loving bridge to the departed. He works in a group fashion performing random readings throughout the audience. Be prepared to receive fun-loving and heartfelt messages from the departed.

john_of_godFive Sisters                                                                                                                                      8805 SW 132nd St, Miami, FL 33176

To Purchase Tickets call (786) 250-4170


John of God and My Call To Be a Healer

For many years now I have been working as a psychic medium. I was called to do this work since my childhood when I was endlessly fascinated with anything supernatural. As a child I could even see spirits, but I was not ready to step into my gift for many years. It wasn’t until I became an adult that I began to focus on helping people connect with their loved ones on the other side and guiding them with my psychic gifts. I began to feel that I was doing what I came here to do. But it took a man who is exceptional in the world of healing – the man they call “John of God” – to point out to me that I had yet another calling.

I began with readings for family and friends and eventually moved to the stage of becoming a professional Psychic Medium. Over time my reputation grew. (You can read about my story in the first book of my Journey of Life series, “Is There More to Life Than What We Know?”) Through the years other psychics would tell me that I was here to help others heal, and I just assumed that by bringing people closure through mediumship that’s what I was doing. It actually came as a surprise to me when I was informed by John of God that I was called to be a healer of illness and disease as well!

Who is John of God, or “João de Deus”? He is a full trance medium and a faith healer who channels a number of entities that work through him to heal the sick and the lame. Millions of people have visited him in his village of Abadiania in remote, central Brazil at his compound of open-air buildings called the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola.   Arriving by the hundreds every day for more than 30 years people have come seeking to be healed by him.

I had gone there myself to connect with him because of his reputation as a powerful trance medium. I was hoping to see if he would have any advice for me about how to enhance my own channeling abilities. We had arrived with hundreds of others and waited in the long line where we entered a building that was similar to a church. Here we meditated in the front of the room where he had the channels and mediums in the group sit as we waited on our turn with John of God. The energy of healing in that room created by John of God as well as all of those people focused on the process of healing was very powerful.

When it was my turn I asked about my channeling but he told me I was not ready; that instead I needed to lie under the crystal beds and to come back the next day. This I did and when I returned I was informed that I was now ‘almost ready’ and that I was to meditate with two powerful crystals which John of God actually awarded to me. Again I followed his advice and finally when I returned on the third day he told me that within a year I would become a powerful healer. He advised me to meditate with the crystals every day, which I have done; this keeps me in contact with his guides.

I returned to the U.S. and to my normal routine of doing mediumship and psychic readings and presenting workshops. To some extent the events in Brazil began to fade from my mind. Although I did continue the daily meditation, I did not actively pursue my call to be a healer. Then one evening I was giving a workshop and one of my class participants was not feeling too strong; because of her chronic physical pain she was not certain that she could make it through the lengthy meditation for the workshop without some discomfort. We agreed that she would try and she could quit if it did not work for her. However, that was not necessary. During the meditation she entered deeply into trance state herself and perceived that during the event it was as though I was holding on to her and sending her healing energy. When she came back from the deeply meditative state, she felt well and refreshed – and her chronic pain was gone for good!

Since that time I have had many opportunities to help people heal. When people are willing and open to receive the healing energy it is very effective.   I have helped people deal with everything from arthritis to cancer to Crohn’s disease. What happens when I perform the healing is that I channel the Healing Masters. They work through me allowing healing energies to flow through me to you. These energies come from The Source, or Prana, also known as “Life Force Energy”. This is the power that can awaken the natural, self-healing, abilities within a person. The Masters channel the Life Force Energy through my hands. Most people will say they feel intense heat where I place my hands. This fresh, healing energy that I am transferring to you replaces your depleted energy.

I am extremely grateful to have received my gifts of psychic abilities and now my ability to channel the Healing Masters. We encounter so many trials here on the earth plane and life can be so difficult; it’s good to know that there are some alternatives to the pain. Through my guides, and through my contact with John of God’s guides, I am able to offer healing and relief to those who are willing to receive it.

If you are interested in finding out more about my ability to assist you with Divine Healing, please check my website. I have created a number of meditation and affirmation recordings that you can use to connect with the healing energy of the masters. My recording of “Divine Affirmation Healing – Mind/Body/Soul” will walk you through a series of meditations/affirmations that will bring in each master to help you with your physical, mental, and spiritual healing. You can download this and other recordings directly from my website. Click here to download

You can also experience it for yourself in person – we have a really exciting event coming up soon in February that will be healing, relaxing, and fun! Come spend the day with Halley Élise and myself, Joseph LoBrutto III, on February 18, 2017 from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM as we set our life intention for our highest good in this Divine Healing Retreat & Workshop.

How to Attract Blessings for the New Year

The year 2016 is drawing to a close and it seems like people are feeling an even stronger than usual sense of ‘good riddance’ to this year. It has been a year of turmoil, to say the least with our country divided over the elections.. What better time to use some of the tools from our spiritual tool box to move the old energy out and invite in fresh new energy that will attract health and prosperity for us in the new year?

Lots of New Year traditions were created for exactly this purpose. In Wales it’s customary to open the back door at midnight to let the old year out and then to shut it immediately against the return of any bad luck from the old year. Other traditions focus on attracting wealth and prosperity, such as baking coins into cakes or breads or serving black-eyed peas. This southern tradition for new year luck and prosperity goes back to the days of the civil war when stores of black-eyed peas were the only food item not taken by Union soldiers (who thought them to be fodder for livestock) and the Confederates considered it a stroke of luck to be left with those meager supplies which allowed them to survive the winter. Black-eyed peas thus became symbolic of luck.

Customs such as these are based on the underlying universal laws of manifestation that allow us to use our thoughts as tools of co-creation with God in order to attract what we want and need into our lives. By using symbols such as coins or beans our brain begins the process of creating the vision for the desired element to come into our lives. That is what my recordings about working with the Law of Attraction do as well. In fact, I would suggest that (borrowing from the Welsh tradition of opening the door to let the old energy out) you might begin with “Protection – Fear-Trauma – Dealing with Phobias, Negativity, and Psychic Attacks” to learn how to deal with the unwanted negative energy with help from God and the Ascended Masters (and let it out the back door, so to speak).

Then, with a clean slate you can move on to work with “Law of Attraction – Tapping Into the River of Divine Abundance”. That is where all of the Ascended Masters will step in and help you program your mind and energy for positive and abundant thinking. Clients who have listened to these recordings repeatedly have noticed very positive shifts in terms of what they are able to manifest in their lives.


As we move into 2017 it is my fondest wish that each and every one of you can connect with the escrow of prosperity, good health, and loving relationships that is already in your energy field because you have dreamed about it. Remember that the universe supports the reality of our beliefs absolutely. Often we are blocking the path to a better life because we are holding on to outdated beliefs and habits. By taking some time to ‘clean house’ energetically we can open up to receive what is ours by divine right. Happy New Year everyone!

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“Speaking to Heaven” does not disappoint.

Book: Speaking to HeavenI have long been looking forward to a new book from psychic medium Joseph LoBrutto and his latest book “Speaking to Heaven” does not disappoint. I confess to having a deep fascination with metaphysics and especially with the phenomenon of communicating with the spirit world, so this is the perfect book for me.
In his latest book Joseph describes what happens to us after we die so clearly that it allows me to have peace of mind not only for my own inevitable death but also in regard to those I love as well. I also really enjoy the stories in his book about families who connect with their loved ones on the other side through Joseph’s gift; that is always so amazing to me.

Not only does he describe the journey of a soul that has passed over but he also gives us insight into such topics as what happens to people who commit suicide and how reincarnation works, just to name a few. He even gives us some tips on how to contact our loved ones who have passed over ourselves! Although the topics he talks about in “Speaking to Heaven” are deep, the style is personable and easy to read, like Joseph is talking to you. Don’t miss this book!
– Ellen McCrae…

Our Journey of Life.. Seminar

Our Journey of Life.. Seminar

Duncan Center Delray Beach, Florida

November 5th 2016 10AM-6PM

Advance booking $99 

After October 25th $130 Lunch is included !!!

Click Here to Purchase Tickets 


Those who have met Spiritual Healing Medium Joseph LoBrutto feel that God is working through him as a psychic medium, spiritual healer and channel of the sacred. This seminar will cover topics and exerises from the books “Is There More to Life…Than What we Know?” and “Speaking to Heaven.” Joseph will demonstrate random mediumistic readings to the audience. Topics will be discussed from the Divine Healing Affirmation Cd along with a group healing for the mind body & soul. Joseph has also created the Universal Energy Cards, produced the music audiobook “The Promise”and the complete Divine Affirmation Meditation Series.

Is There More to Life than what we Know?

Is There More Book Cover_edited-1Is There More to Life Than What We Know is an inspiring testimonial of author Joseph LoBrutto III embracing his spiritual journey through life, searching his viewpoints of lessons we should be learning while here on Earth, and discussing our purpose of how we are all connected to the Universal Life Force. Josephs main points bring an awareness of wisdom, healing, inspiration and provide a wealth of information that bears evidence there is something larger than us and we are all connected by a communicating vibration.


Topic One Lectures: 10-1pm From the book “Is there more to life”…Than what we Know?

1: E.S.P. Exercise (Extra Sensory Projection)
2: Psychometry Exercise.
3: Meditation: Meet and greet you Spirit Guides and Angels.

Lunch Break: Lunch is included in this seminar.

Divine Energy HealingMind Body Soul Healing Jacket

Joseph is known as a Spiritual Healing Medium working in the vibration as of John of God (Brazil.) His healing Gifts were foretold by this great man several years ago. Today many have witness the miraculous healing of major diseases, emotional and physical trauma, depression, addictions along with receiving spiritual balance for a healthy mind, body & spirit through Divine Energy Healing.

Topic Two Lecture: 2-4pm 
1:What is Divine Energy Healing.

2: Healing Session: Receive healing through Joseph’s Divine Affirmations Healing Meditation. Wearing White is recommended to increase the healing process of the Mind* Body & Soul.

Speaking to Heaven

Book: Speaking to HeavenKnown for his warm heart and humble nature, Joseph has helped countless people who are grieving with the loss of a loved one, by delivering validating messages of love, hope and joy from the departed soul.

Topic Three Lectures: 4-6PM from his book “Speaking to Heaven”
 Speaking to Heaven Demonstration: Joseph will demonstrate random mediumistic readings to the audience for the allotted time reserved for this seminar.…