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Noted by his own peers as being one of the best evidentiary mediums in the country,  Joseph is on a fast track to becoming one of America’s most loved Mediums. I have been on the path as a powerful Psychic Medium for many years, I am known also as a “Man of God”. I serve God through my gifts as a channel, psychic medium, and healer by bringing wisdom, inspiration, healing and the teachings of God’s love to everyone. It is all one and it all starts from God’s highest energy – the energy of Love! 

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the lives of so many, and I offer my deepest sympathies to anyone whose health and economic well-being has been impacted by this crisis. Beyond the most important need is to stay healthy. For the past few weeks I have been flooded with messages from people who are coming from a place of fear of the unknown as well as seeking Healing and Comfort from the loss of loved ones during these unprecedented times. We have implemented a reduced priced Phone/Zoom sessions with Joseph. Look for the Covid-19 button on reading pages for reduced pricing. Please protect your health and your loved ones by following the advice of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and your local health authorities.

Together, we’ll get through this. God Bless and Stay safe,

Joseph LoBrutto III



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