I truly believe you are a Man of God.

I wanted to say thank you for my reading Joseph. You have got to be the best medium and It was an honor to meet with you. I was happy to be in your presence and have you answer all my questions. Your teachings are amazing! I truly believe you are a Man of God. Kim...

I would recommend him 100%.

My sister, my mom and myself went to see him in hopes to connect with my dad and my dad came through! Joseph’s gift is truly incredible and amazing. I would recommend him 100%. He really has a gift and he knew things no one else would know but my family. Make an...

Make it a priority to see this gifted man

Joseph, I cannot begin to put into words how accurate you was today! WOW, Thank you with all my heart, this was something I will never forget and I look forward to seeing you again! If anyone reads this review make it a priority to see this gifted man, THANK YOU again...

We Heard Voices!!!

Thank you for yesterday’s reading for myself, sister and mother....you brought a lot of closure to a lot of unanswered questions. You not only connected with my father but several other family members who have passed on. It was comforting and healing to receive our...

Scented Dragon Testimonals

I want to thank The Scented Dragon of Port St. Lucie for hosting my events. Good Evening Joseph, It was an extraordinary experience to witness you with your gifts. I haven’t been in this type of setting before so this flood gate of emotion washed over me. Thank...

Date/Time Event
01/17/2020 - 01/19/2020
4:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Waves of Light Conscious Conference
Lido Beach Resort, Sarasota fl
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Speaking to Heaven Event in West Palm Beach
Jamar Enlightenment Center, Palm Beach Gardens FL
3:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Spiritual Journey Presents Joseph LoBrutto
Spiritual Journey, Coral Springs florida
01/31/2020 - 02/02/2020
All Day
Pan Handle Weekend Event
Stone Soup, Ft. Walton Beach FL