Speaking To Heaven  

Our Loved Ones are Only a Breath Away

Printed Book $15.95  Kindle $9.95 Audiobook $12.95   

In his latest book, “Speaking to Heaven”, Joseph LoBrutto III calls on decades of experience as a psychic medium and healer to present answers to these questions and more. Who better to tell us about heaven than those who have already passed on? In his clear and easy style of communicating, Joseph explains the metaphysics of life on earth and how we transition to the world of spirit after we die. He also shares many stories from readings and galleries describing those special moments when he has connected living family members with their loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. What is heaven and where is it? What happens when we die?




Is There More To Life… Than What We Know?

A Spiritual Journey and Awakening to Finding God  

Published in English and Spanish   

Printed Book $15.95  Kindle $9.95 Audiobook $12.95   

“Is There More to Life Than What We Know?” is an inspiring testimonial of how author Joseph LoBrutto III has embraced a deeply spiritual journey throughout his life. An intriguing blend of New Age philosophy, Judaism and Christianity, it is a personal account of the blessings that come with the pairing of powerful spiritual insight and a firm belief in a higher power. His focus is on lessons we should be learning while here on Earth and how we are all connected to God, the Universal Life Force.

The Book Has Been Described as an Incredible  Journey and Awakening in Finding Go




The Metaphysical Teachings of Jesus

Printed Book $9.95  Kindle $6.95 Audiobook $9.95

Published in English and Spanish  

“The Promise” is a compelling account of the blessings that come through powerful spiritual insight and a firm belief in a higher power. The lessons taught by Jesus come alive with refreshingly new relevancy for modern times through Joseph’s intriguing blend of New Age philosophy, Judaism, and Christianity. In this telling of the story of Jesus, familiar events that were described in the bible are now told from the metaphysical perspective.  Jesus attained the Christ consciousness and wants us to know that this consciousness is possible for all beings of this earth. If we believe in the Universal Life Force, we all can become One with the Universe and manifest greatness in our own lives.  


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