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Rev. Christine has always been a empath since childhood. Her sensitivity allowed her to see and feel the presence of spirits. However, she did not understand them. She was afraid of her natural ability/spiritual gifts, so they were shut down. Since the age of 17 she has been seeing mediums/intuitives to better understand herself, and also felt a sense of normalcy there as well. 

One of Rev. Christine main beliefs was that your mind, body, and soul are all connected. To obtain the mental portion she received her Master in Mental Health Counseling from NOVA Southeastern University in  2008.  In 2009, she started her journey learning Reiki, she became a Reiki Master in August 2010. That allowed for the physical aspect to not only learned, but experienced. The last part was the spiritual connection which is the glue that holds everything together. She became an ordained minister through Alliance of Divine Love in October 2012.

Rev. Christine is a mother of 3 beautiful children with all different types of energy. Children that are incarnating on Earth currently are high vibrational. These children are born with spiritual gifts that, and most of the time feel out of place. Hence Building a Bridge connects children to understand themselves better, so they feel normal because they truly are.  Also, for parents to better understand there children as well.