Healing with the Ascended Masters & Angels.

It was foretold that Joseph will become known as a Spiritual Healing Medium. Today working with his own Collective of guides many have witnessed Joseph perform miraculous healing of major diseases, emotional and physical trauma, depression, and addictions. Everyone receives the benefit of spiritual balance for a healthy mind, body, and soul connection through his Divine Healing Service.

3-Healing Sessions- $150

 3-Healing Sessions- $250

What is Divine Healing?

Joseph is a Healing channel for God, The Healing Masters and Angels. They work through him allowing healing energies to flow through him to you. These energies come from The Source “God”  known as Prana Healing and  “Life Force Energy”. This is the power that can awaken the natural, self-healing, abilities within a person. This is the force that can bring about a state of natural relaxation.

The ultimate Source of Divine Healing is the Universal Life Force Life also known as God.  The Universal Life Force is directed through God to Higher Beings known as Healing Masters and Angels. The Healing Masters/Angels work with the healer (Joseph) channeling the Divine Healing to the person etheric, mental, emotional, and physical bodies. 

The Ascended Healing Masters channel the Life Force Energy through Joseph’s hands. Most people say they feel intense heat where Joseph places his hands. This fresh, healing energy that Joseph is transferring to you replaces your depleted energy. Joseph is working with your energy field during this stage and will also lay hands for direct healing.


What is Mass Divine Energy Healing?

A mass divine energy healing occurs in a group setting where the Healing Masters and Angels make an appearance by working on people who are in need of healing (patients, for lack of a better term). The healing initiated in these sessions will work continuously for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A powerful healer like Joseph can heal patients en masse with Divine Healing Energy. Mediums who have observed Joseph’s Divine Healing sessions have noted that they were able to see rays of multiple-colored lights emerging from Joseph into the patients.


The best way to describe the healing is to picture a colorful sound wave entering and exiting our bodies while vibrating as an intense, loving, and safe energy. Many have also commented that they were able to feel an intense heat where Joseph had placed his hands during his hands-on healing. Also, during the healing and sometimes for days afterward, people noticed that they had been able to sense the presence of the Healing Masters/Angels manipulating parts of their body and they sensed the feeling of heat and/or a tingling sensation inside their body known as psychic surgery. During the Mental part of the healing, you will find clarity for making decisions, and the will to forgive and let go of all fears. During the Spiritual part of the healing, you will feel a closer connection with God. After the healing most people will feel lightheaded as if they had slept for hours; they say that it’s a feeling that is hard to describe.

Can Everyone be Healed?

Why is it that some get healed completely and some do not? Some say because it is not that person’s karma to be healed. Maybe they consciously think that they want to get well, and they limit themselves by thinking it’s not possible. It may also require several visits and some work on their part with changes to their lifestyle and way of thinking for a healing to take place, so one healing session may not be enough. Divine Healing is very powerful but it is also very subtle. For rapid healing to occur, the patient has to be very receptive. If the patient is not so receptive, then healing will be slow. If the patient is not receptive at all, then he or she will not be healed. However, many people do receive miraculous healings from Joseph and are returned to health. With some, the healing is instantaneous and requires only the one visit while others need a few visits in order for the healing process to begin.

How Does Long Distance Healing Work?

Distance Divine Healing is based on the principle of direct ability and the principle of Oneness. Just like if we were face to face, I would have to build up the  Energy between us. Divine Energy is also known as Life Force Energy and can be directed to anyone in the world. It follows where attention is focused; it follows thought. The basis of why distance healing works scientifically is that we are electrical and magnetic beings made of energy and emitting light. We are all one – every living thing is connected! The healer (Joseph) intuitively tunes into the receiver’s energy centers, called “Chakras”, making an energetic connection. This is how the healing energy is exchanged between Joseph and the receiver of the healing.

Energizing for Perfect Health

When the energetic body is sick, it affects the physical body. So we must first heal the spiritual in order to heal the psychical. It all starts with our energy centers. When our energetic field is depleted of energy this is when illness can occur. The body needs to be replenished with Divine Energy in order to be healed physically. By continuously energizing your energy centers, you will balance your Mind, Body, and Soul to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle

The use of Healing Affirmations in the Healing recording is available 

I AM Healthy** I AM Healed** I AM Loved** During the healing process, the Healing Masters/Angels will invoke the words ‘I AM’ as part of a Healing Affirmation along with a color during the healing. The word I AM means ‘God within’. Using the words I AM will invoke the strength of God during the healing process. The affirmations and colors projected from the Healing Masters/Angels will be directed to all seven Energy Centers throughout the body creating a healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit.