Energy Healing of the “Mind * Body & Soul*

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I AM- Healthy** I AM- Healed** I AM- Loved**

This recording includes three meditations for the healing of the Mind * Body & Soul. During the healing process of this recording the Healing Masters/Angels will invoke the words ‘I AM’ as part of a Healing Affirmation along with a color during the healing. The word I AM means ‘God within’. Using the words I AM will invoke the strength of God during the healing process. The affirmations and colors projected from the Healing Masters/Angels will be directed to all seven Energy Centers throughout the body creating a healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit.

1: Healing of the Mind: Find peace joy and happiness as you start to release tension, anger. depression and help dealing with the grieving process .

2: Healing of the Body: Those who have aches and pain will feel instant relief throughout the day, others start to feel better within days. Most with illness have commented about how they started feeling better after listening to the healing affirmations repeatedly day after day.

3: Healing of the Soul: Those who want to open up spiritually will began to unblock and unlock your psychic and channeling abilities, The affirmations will help you have a closer connection with God by feeling forgiveness, compassion and love making your connection an unforgettable memory.


1: Divine Affirmation Collection
2: Introductions
3: How Does it Work!
4: Master Healers of the Mind
5: Healing of the Mind Session
6: Master Healers of the Body
7: Healing of the Body Session
8: Master Healers of the Soul
9: Healing Session of the Soul

Disclaimer: Joseph LoBrutto III is not a psychological or medical professional and is unable to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any ailment be it mental or physical in nature. Anyone using this service acknowledges that miracles do happen and God is the one who makes things possible. Our Journey of Life along with Joseph LoBrutto III will not beheld liable for any action based upon the use of the Divine Affirmations cards or Cd

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Energy Healing Mind* Body & Soul

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