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Date(s) - 01/10/2020 - 01/12/2020
All Day



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Is There More to Life Than We Know? – A Weekend of Discovery






1: Speaking to Heaven Event- Friday Jan 10, 7:30PM-9PM Witness Joseph’s outstanding demonstration of his Evidential Mediumship style as often seen on TV! Noted by his own peers as being one of the best evidentiary mediums in the country, Joseph is on a fast track to becoming one of America’s most loved Mediums. During his gallery he brings through clear evidence about your loved ones in spirit, often clarifying questions you might have had since their transition. Recognized as a loving bridge to the departed he brings comfort and joy as he Randomly Reads for the audience members delivering heartfelt messages that will make your evening an unforgettable experience.

Saturday Jan 11th 2020

2: Unlock Your Psychic Gifts – Sat, Jan 11th 10 -12pm Are you intuitive? Do you sense energy? Do you have precognition or do your dreams come true? Do you feel other people’s feelings? Do you sense unseen others in the room? We are ALL intuitive! Call it a sixth sense or extra sensory perception. If you have every had a hunch, a gut or nagging feeling, you are intuitive. In this creative and useful workshop that will allow you to learn about your own psychic abilities. Explore the subjects of psychic awareness, assess your psychic strengths, learn how to raise your vibrations, explore your E.S.P. abilities through testing, learn to send and receive telepathically, work with psychic color sensing, and learn psychometry. Everyone who takes this workshop comes away with a better appreciation of his or her own intuitive abilities. Although the workshop is not a spirit gallery, don’t be surprised if Joseph’s guides make a surprise guest appearance!

3: Sacred Geometry Cards & Meditation – Sat, Jan 11th 1-3pm No matter what you are trying to manifest in your life right now – whether you want to improve your financial situation, resolve health issues, or find the perfect partner – you can shift the outcome in your favor by working with these amazing cards. They have been designed to support and strengthen the healing of our energetic field of potentiality. Every card represents a Master or Archangel who will invoke their Divine Energy into each Sacred Geometry symbol. Every card starts with the words “I AM” that is invoked into every affirmation. Attract love, accepting forgiveness and cutting cords. Receive protection from negativity or psychic attacks and dealing with fear, phobias, emotional and physical trauma. During the workshop Joseph will demonstrate the use of the cards in conjunction with the meditations that have been produced to go with each card. The meditations are relaxing but at the same time they are fine-tuning your mind and your energy field to focus on things you want and need in your life. Every participant receives a deck of the Divine Affirmation cards as part of the workshop.

4: Mediumship Mentoring Session – Sat, Jan 11th 4pm-6pm Are you a developing medium who desires focus, guidance, and positive direct feedback? Are you a working Medium who feels you have reached a plateau in your connection to Spirit? Want to develop deeper and stronger connections? Whether you are a long time intuitive who wants to enrich and expand your intuitive ability or someone who has just discovered your psychic and/or medium ability, Joseph will guide you in your journey to your full potential in a fun, engaging, experiential way. Discover and learn how to develop your intuitive ability and enhance and enjoy your connection to the divine presence within, communicate with your angels, spirit guides and loved ones in spirit.

Sunday January 12th 2020
Open to the public Lecture & Messages Church Service Jan 20th 11-1PM Rev. Joseph LoBrutto will participate in todays service along with giving random messages to attendees.

5. Heal Thyself, Self-Healing with Divine Healing – Sun, Jan 12, 1-2:30pm
“Everything is within your power, and your power is within you.” Working with his own Collective of guides many have witnessed Joseph perform miraculous healing of major diseases, emotional and physical trauma, depression, and addictions. Everyone receives the benefit of spiritual balance for a healthy mind, body, and soul connection through his Divine Energy Healing Service.

6. Channel Coaching: Learn to become a Channel – Sun, Jan 12, 3-5:30pm Joseph has dedicated himself to bring forth in trance Godly words of wisdom from the Ascended Masters and other beings of the God Source. Many of you are familiar with Joseph guides of the Collective by reading his book and now can hear them personally channeled by Joseph as he demonstrate the art of channeling. In this workshop Joseph will help you to connect with your own guides by helping you go into deep trance in connecting with your own guides.

7: Is There More to Life Workshop Sun, Jan 12 6:30-9PM Is There More to Life.. has been described as an Incredible Journey and awakening. Narrated by Joseph and orchestrated music of renowned musician Man Parrish brings the book to life. Joseph will go into depth about channeled messages and metaphysical topics while listening to parts of the audiobook. The focus of this workshop is on lessons we should be learning while here on Earth and how we are all connected to the Universal Life Force. As a GIFT everyone who attends this workshop will receive your own recording of the audiobook.