Universal Energy Cards

All beings in the universe communicate with one another by vibrations, sound, and color. These cards were channeled by a person who claimed to be extraterrestrial and gifted to Joseph. The color symbols on the cards are Universal Symbols that holds a certain vibration on each card that will serve a function. By placings your left hand over the cards you will notice heat resonating from some of the cards. Other cards will activate when you are in need of them.

Divine Affirmations Cards & Meditation Recording 

Each Divine Affirmation card represents a Master or Archangel who will invoke their Divine Energy into each Sacred Geometry symbol. Every card will have an affirmation starting with the words “I AM” meaning   “God Within” that is invoked into every affirmation. Each Masters/Archangels will project a color to all seven Energy Centers (Chakras) in your body creating a healthy Mind, Body & Spirit.



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