Media Interviews with Florida Psychic Joseph LoBrutto III

Interview with Joseph Man of God

Genuine Psychic ReadingsI spent time with speaker Rev. Joseph LoBrutto. He shares his gift of a direct link to Heaven delivering compassionate messages to heal the soul and we find out how it all began.

The force was always strong with Joseph the “Man of God” when he was just a child of God. He reflects back to his earliest memory of collecting Saints like kids would collect baseball cards. Every Sunday at his church he would use his allowance and buy Saints and post them on his windowsill. Yes, this was not an ordinary hobby but then again this was not an ordinary boy. Ordinary boys don’t see dead people. Later in life, Joseph would turn into a channeler, and then a medium and now a healer to those in need thereby making him a saint of sorts to those he has helped.

He had the ability all of his life when spirits used to visit him as a child, but he thought they were regular people. He didn’t know the difference until his grandmother passed away. At age 10, he attends her funeral and days later when he enter his bedroom she was sitting on his bed smiling at him, and he then realized he saw ghosts. After, he recalls being so frightened that he slept with the lights on and underneath the covers so he would stop seeing spirits. He realized that the parade of people in and out of his room where ghosts and he wanted them to go away which they eventually did.

The nightmare of every kid that the boogieman under little Joseph’s bed did exist eventually went away but started returning in his 20’s. So he began channeling spirit guides but it wasn’t until later on when his cousin Joey passed away from a heart attack at 34 did Joseph finally take his gift serious. He remembers after Joey’s funeral he was driving home and heard Joey’s voice and looked over to see him sitting there on the passenger seat begging him to talk to his wife. Because he died very suddenly of a heart-attack, he just wanted to say his final goodbye to the love of his life.

Joseph shares that “being a channel means spirits can merge with me, and their personalities come through to communicate with their loved ones like the movie Ghost with Whoopi Goldberg and Patrick Swayze. Referring to his cousin Joey’s initial request, “I always say that he wanted to do a “Whoppi” on me to talk to his wife. [Mediumship feels like] It’s a conscious thought that moves in, and it’s almost like putting on a raincoat. You don’t check out of your body, and the spirit does not check in, but we merge.”

Joseph reflects, “This is where the title ‘Man of God’ came into play. I was tapping into The Christ energies of The Masters Jesus and Joshua bringing in spiritual information through that lead me to writing books, producing energy and healing cards, affirmation cds and doing shows.” Year’s later now fully in his practice, he went to Brazil and met with John of God who told him that he will become a healer. Joseph continues, “I have since met other healers, and now it has become a part of my life. People have been healed from Physical and Emotional Trauma, Cancer and different diseases because it’s the work of God through me.

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Palm Beach Award


Psychic Medium Joseph Lobrutto III Receives Best of South Florida Award Program.

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Palm Beach Award Program

Boca Raton Magazine

Spirit Transfiguration Séance,” Boca Raton Magazine South Florida Aug 20th 2013

Approximately 7 p.m. on a recent Sunday, psychic medium Joseph LoBrutto III begins burning sage in a small classroom of the Sunshine Cathedral complex in Fort Lauderdale. The classroom’s door is locked, and all of the windows are duct-taped with black plastic tarp, as if preparing for a mild hurricane. Once the evening’s event commences, nothing and nobody is supposed to enter the room—nothing living, that is.

LoBrutto, whose genial face is framed by the flowing black mane of a romance novel cover model, has gathered about a dozen paying visitors for a “Spirit Transfiguration Séance,” a supernatural performance with roots in Victorian England; it’s part of a weekend of events hosted by the Metaphysical Chapel of South Florida. Under the soft glow of a single spotlight in a pitch-black room, LoBrutto is about to enter a trance and allow spirits to physically take shape on his person, througha veil of ectoplasm that he says will appear in front of his face.

LoBrutto has said that, in the past, guests have seen departed loved ones, Native American chiefs, Asian women, Abraham Lincoln—even a tiny baby—transpose themselves in front of LoBrutto. At one event, LoBrutto recalls, 45 people watched him levitate a table 5 inches off the ground.

Best Of Boca Raton MagazineHe tells us we may also see flashes of light, objects materializing out of nowhere (called apports, or gifts from the spirit world) and random knocks on the walls. Needless to say, not every medium can do this. Some will say that no medium can do this; it’s one of the more incredulous phenomena in an already incredulous field.

As the spotlight casts LoBrutto’s face in a barely perceptive flicker, tonight’s event begins with an inexplicable smell: a perfumelike fragrance wafting through the air that LoBrutto says is another common occurrence of spiritual contact.

For the next 35 minutes, backed by a steady musical drone, it looks as if LoBrutto’s face is being molded like Play-Doh into an ever-changing Rolodex of visitors, few of them sticking around for more than a second. Guests call out what they see, per LoBrutto’s request: “I just saw my father.” “I saw my son.” “I see a pregnant lady.” “I see a Mongolian man.”

To continue reading, please pick up a copy of the Sept / Oct Boca Raton magazine

NBC Written & Video Interview with Joseph

Local Medium says he can talk to the dead; he is ranked as one of the best for his incredible ability to channel spirits.

News Channel Seven Report

Joseph can speak to dead grandmothers, just not the ones named Lady Luck

Florida Sun Sentinal September 10, 2013

Don’t ask him what slot machine to play, and don’t ask him whether it’s wise to plunk down an extra $50 on a bet at Mardi Gras Casino.

Psychic medium Joseph LoBrutto III, of Jupiter, says his talents lie elsewhere. LoBrutto, who enjoys being compared to John Edward, will appear 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Hallandale Beach casino.

“Mainly, my gifts lie with connecting deceased loved ones, creating a loving bridge to the departed,” he says. “It’s not just, ‘I feel your grandmother’s presence.’ It’s like, ‘Your grandmother from Pennsylvania, the one who died from cancer, is here, and she’s very proud of you and her four grandchildren. It’s very personal stuff, things you can’t just Google.”

LoBrutto, 50, has been a full-time psychic medium for about five years. His grandmother and uncles and cousins have practiced for generations.

“We all have psychic abilities,” he claims. “But some just have it to extremes.” But when it comes to Lady Luck …

“That’s not really my forte. I’ll be quite honest with them,” says LoBrutto, who says this will be his first time working in a casino. “If I could pick lottery numbers, I’d be a rich man right now.”

IP Book Review

Medium Channel Interview

Joseph is listed on the site as one of the few “Best Psychic Mediums” He was tested by MediumChannel and was at least 90% accurate in his reading.

How did you get started as a Psychic Medium?

Joseph LoBrutto Psychic MediumJL: Since I was a child I always had a gift of knowing things and seeing spiritual beings but always denied my gift and hid it from others. My mother was the only one who knew about my abilities and understood what I was going through. Of course I found out years later that I had ancestors that are very gifted psychic intuitive on my mother side.

I have always been interested in the unknown through my childhood and young adult life. I read many books attended classes and the universe directed me to my teachers and mentors who helped me to understand and developed my gifts and informed me that I would be doing the work of a medium.

During the course of my studies I kept a journal about my experience and lessons learned. To make a long story short my journal became a book and when “Is there more to Life than what we know” was published in May 2007 the public had become aware of my psychic and mediumship abilities.

MC: Tell us about your book, who would benefit from reading it?

JL: We go to work to pay our bills, we raise our children, we try to take time for ourselves to enjoy life, but how much time do we take to wonder if there is more to life than what we know? How little time we spend on questions like “Why are we here on earth?” “Is there really a supreme being who created the universe?” “And why is life so hard, isn’t there an easier way?”

Everyone is on his or her own journey of life. The people that we meet and the places we visit are all part of a plan to help us grow on our spiritual path. The lesson of life is what we learn everyday and in every way. We are learning new ways to get closer to God. Our loved ones who are with us on earth as well as those who have crossed over are part of the lesson.

This book is an inspiring testimonial of my own spiritual journey in life and my search for truth. Sharing my viewpoints of lessons we should be learning while here on Earth, and discussing our purpose of how we are all connected to the Universal Life Force. My objective is to bring an awareness of wisdom, healing, inspiration and provides a wealth of information that bears evidence there is something larger than us and we are all connected by a communicating vibration. Though descriptive stories, I personally share my experiences channeling with my guides “The Collective.” Also I present information from other Spirit Guides to help us understand why we are here and solving some of life’s mysteries.

I believe that this book will benefit those who want to experience an incredible adventure traveling the path to enlightenment that will leave them with a feeling of renewed inner peace and well being.

MC: Why do you do this work? What motivates you?

JL: I have felt that in my line of work most people are closed minded in what I do. For years I kept my secret to myself that I talk to dead people. Since coming out and accepting my gift, I realize that I may have been wrong. I have received a tremendous amount of inquiries in my mediumship work. And the wonderful feedback I have received from people who I have helped has been overwhelming. I believe that God directed me in doing this work. To help those who are grieving and need direction in their life. And what motivates me is giving closure to a person who has loss someone and to know that I have made a difference in someone’s life.

MC: What type of work do you do in this area like seminars, radio, and teaching?

JL: My favorite thing to do is my Messages from Heaven Galleries. Having a room filled with people and their deceased loved ones join in to make the event a family reunion gives me great satisfaction that I’m the loving bridge that connects everyone together.

Afterwards I’m available for book signings and Q&A with the guest at the show.

The following day after my message gallery I do teach an Intuitive Development workshop, that covers psychic awareness, channeling, mediumship and healing.

My private and phone sessions are just as fulfilling to me. Being able to bring closure in someone life by just giving validating proof that our loved ones are still with us even after death, gives them so much joy in their lives. I also love to hear the excitement in someone’s voice when my predictions come true.

The newest calling for me is Radio. I have been a guest on many stations and I caught the radio bug. My show journey of life will feature guest authors, mediums, psychics, healers and paranormal experts from all over the United States.

MC: What is the difference between a psychic and a medium and why do you call yourself a psychic medium.

JL: Psychics use tools such as the Tarot Cards, Runes, and Palmistry. They use their tools for interpretation and their intuition for knowledge of divination. This gives insight into the inquiries past, present and potential future.

Mediums are able to connect with the spirit world by using telepathy. When you have a reading with a medium, you can expect a number of things. First, some mediums do their reading solely for the purpose of connecting to people who have passed away. Mediums are not for fortune telling but are sessions to provide evidence that our loved ones and we survive physical death. Other mediums connect with their spirit guides to help you in our growth as a person.

Psychic Mediums are gifted Psychic and Mediums. Psychic Mediums like myself uses their psychic abilities of telepathy to connect with their guides, your loved ones and your own higher self to bring in information of knowledge and divination. So in a nutshell all mediums are psychic and have the abilities of contacting spirits and telling the future.

MC: What are spirit guides, do you feel that everyone have them?

JL: Spirit Guides are entities that are currently in the spirit realms. These are individuals, or groups of individuals, who have agreed with a person on the earth plane to act as their guide or guardian. Usually we enter into this agreement prior to being born into a physical body with at least one primary guide, called the control.

It is not uncommon to have two or more guides assisting us at a given moment. Many of the guides with which we work are beings who have lived on this earth plane at one time or another (or many lifetimes), but there are guides who are from other worlds as well. Also, many of the “special guides” that come to help us with special needs or learning experiences seem to be more evolved beings, or ‘old souls’ who are willingly sharing their expertise and expanded knowledge with those of us still working on our path to enlightenment.

MC: When was your first time in channeling your guides?

JL: It was in a channeling class I attended over fifteen years ago that I first channeled my guides. My teacher Marilyn had me sit straight up in my chair and instructed me to clear all of my thoughts; to forget the things I had to do this week and to concentrate on only what she was saying. I was to close my eyes and imagine a secluded, dimly lit room. She then had me visualize a door in the room and asked me what I saw. In my mind’s eye, I saw that the room was dark, but I noticed light escaping from under the door and outlining the doorframe. The light that seemed to emanate from the door was a purplish color mixed with blue, an indigo blue. I imagined the door opening and as the rays of light passed through my body, I felt a peaceful, loving, feeling of bliss.

While I was soaking in the love from the light, my ears began to ring like the ringing in your ears on an airplane when it climbs to higher altitudes. I slipped further into a deeper trance, almost falling asleep. The ringing began to fade. Then, it finally happened. It was incredible! As I sat in my chair I felt huge serge of energy through my body. As I went further into a trance, my arms began to rise as if they were floating in water; they were stretched in an outward position yet they still remained in place. My arms did not tire, however. Also, my chest expanded and my shoulders felt large. My breathing became heavy. Who was this entity that merged with me? The entity sat straight up in the chair, as if he were a king, and looked around proudly at everyone in the room. We (I can only describe it as “we”; the entity and I were blended as one) had no voice, just that proud physical appearance. When Marilyn asked the spirit to speak, she welcomed him and asked for a name, but there was nothing, not even a voice. It was just a physical appearance. Still, I was elated. I finally did it – I had become a trance channel!

MC: How do you feel about predictions, and how do you make your predictions for people?

Remember that no psychic can see the future 100% set in stone. If they say that they can they are not telling you the truth. In a psychic reading I’m able to see opportunities and obstacles in your path whether it is in your past, present or future. I will provide insight on paths you may take and the opportunities and obstacles presented to you. If I see another path I will present it to you and it would be you choice to make. So to predict one outcome is not the way the universe works. To present more than one outcome gives us the choice to create our own destiny.

We are on a journey in life and thought is reality, so your thoughts create your own future. Your life is the result of a series of choices presented to you, and the decisions that you make based on those choices. Remember that God gave us “Free Will” and the choice must be ours to make.

MC: What is you best valid psychic experience?

JL: What really set my mind to this was an experience that I had with a psychic, Linda, who worked at a local bookstore. Linda came to me for a reading to connect with her departed loved ones, but for some reason I had a hard time connecting. Instead I was getting other information pertaining to her. I asked her who Allen was and she’d replied that he was her brother, but he was still alive.

I passed the next impression I got on to her: “I’m getting something about running out of time, does this makes sense?” She shook her head no. I asked her if the song; “Wakeup Little Suzy” meant anything. Linda told me that she had no idea what I was talking about. At this point I wanted to give up, thinking that I was making a fool of myself, but I kept on telling her what I was seeing. “I now see you in a Trans Am on the highway, just like the movie Smokey and the Bandit.” Again she said “Nope! I don’t own a Trans Am and never had one in my life!” She looked frustrated. After that response, I had to stop and apologize to her, but I thanked her for having faith in me.

Well, a couple of days later Linda called and said “Joe, you mentioned my brother Allen and running out of time. Well, my brother Allen passed away this morning. I began to think back when we were kids and we used to tear up the dance floor together and one of our favorite songs was Wakeup Little Suzy.” As I expressed sympathy at the death of her brother, Linda praised me on my gift. Neither of us realized at the time that more information from the reading was going to come true.

Linda’s children didn’t want her driving her old pick up truck up north to her brother’s funeral and asked their father, Linda’s ex-husband, to loan her his car. When Linda arrived at his house to pick up the car, there in the driveway sat a Pontiac Firebird that looked like a Trans Am. The only thing missing from the car was the Trans Am stickers!

Later, as she was driving north on I- 95 Linda was thinking about calling me about the car and wasn’t paying attention to how fast she was driving. A semi-truck in front of her started to slow down and she had to slow down as well. As she decided to go around the truck that was in front of her, another semi pulled up next her and prevented her from passing. As she looked through her review mirror, another truck pulled up behind her, effectively boxing her in. She began to feel nervous, thinking that theses truckers were playing games. As soon as she had an opening she hit the gas to escape the trucks and they all laid down on their horns. This is when Linda noticed a line of state troopers pulling speeders over. Finally, she realized that the truckers were only slowing her down for her own benefit, just like in the movie Smokey and the Bandit. After hearing the events that unfolded with Linda, I decided to accept my psychic abilities.

Medium Channel Review

“My reading with Joseph was like no other mediumistic reading I have had. Joseph structures his readings so that you get the benefit of all of his polished abilities. He proved over and over during the course of my sitting that he was making valid and strong connections to the other side. I believe Joseph is one of the best psychic mediums that I have tested and his abilities are truly amazing.” Paolo~Medium Channel.

Joseph LoBrutto Psychic MediumJoseph calls himself a psychic medium and structures his readings so that you get the benefit of all of his near polished abilities. He proved over and over during the course of my sitting that he was making a strong connection to the there side. He told me about incidents in my life with extreme accuracy. I didn’t want to hang up the phone with him. Joseph uses sound vibration to make his connection to spirit. He had me count to tenant say my name a couple of times. Once he made the connection, he spree forth an unbelievable amount of information to me. He brought through my grandmother , great grandmother and grandfather on my dad’s side. My jaw dropped when he described in the vision that he was having how I was healed at a young age. I was amazed when he described my mothers experience with a ghost.

The reading with a this medium started a little different than most. Joseph said that he makes a connection through the sound of your voice. Once I counted to ten out loud and said my name three times, we were connected and off and running. Joseph first started my reading by giving details about my personality. He connects with his guides called “The Collective ” and they in turn connect to my guides who then all had a conversation about me! They told him everything! After he embarrassed me with all of he details , he told me that he sees me working in a government type office setting, he elaborated by telling me that I properly do work in the computer field, and was properly a designer. That is all correct, I am a contractor working in a government office as a system administrator /webmaster.

Medium ChannelNext my grandmother (on my mom side) came through She is always the first to come and talk to me when i do a sitting. Joseph’s description of my grandmother was very accurate. He said the connection is from your mother side. He said my great grandmother was a medium and a healer and my mother iso also intuitive as well. This is nothing new I hear this at most of my sittings. He kept mentioning “Hershey’s he said this sometimes means Pennsylvania or it could be my grandmothers favorite candy. She is from Pennsylvania and one of my clearest memories of her is when I was young when we went to Hershey Park. Joseph then told me that she was showing him a deck of cards and ask if this mean anything? Card playing was my grandmother favorite past time act.

He went on to tell me ( as 4 other mediums) that my grandmother was here with me quite bit, that she was acting as a guide for me. My great-grandmother (the healer) was also with me. When we started talking about her , he said he saw me as a boy looking at my hands. He said I had some kind of bumps and then he saw an eraser wipe them away and they are just gone! He asked me if this meant anything to me. It did. When I was a boy, I had warts all over my hands and feet. Basically after years if plastic surgeons and doctors trying to remove them with C02 my great grandmother healed me with a potato and some “secret words” The warts disappeared in about a week.

One of the most amazing thing s Joseph picked up was an experience that my mother ( the closet medium) had with an Amish Ghost. He said , “Your grandmother is laughing and pointing at an Amish Women, does this mean anything to you? Yup it sure did, She was referring a time when my mother had seen the ghost of an Amish women in a hotel. It scared her to death! I think its when my mother decided to consciously turn her mediumistic abilities off.