Divine Affirmations download cards & online download.

1: Divine Energy Healing  2: Protection * Fear * Trauma 3: Love * Forgiveness 4: Law of Attraction 

Each Divine Affirmation recordings are represented by Master and Archangel who will invoke their Divine Energy into every Divine Affirmation recording. Every affirmation by the Masters/Archangel will start with the words “I AM” meaning “God Within” that is invoked into every affirmation. Each Masters/Archangels will project a color to all seven Energy Centers (Chakras) in your body creating a healthy Mind, Body & Soul. Bringing Abundance & Prosperity. Attract Love, excepting Forgiveness and Cutting Cords. Receive Protection from Negativity or Psychic Attacks and dealing with Fear, Phobias, Emotional and Physical Trauma.

Energy Healing 

Protection * Trauma

Love* Forgiviness

Law of Attraction

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