Psychic Forum Messages and Answers with Joseph LoBrutto III

For years Joseph has demonstrated on live Radio and TV his abilities in receiving messages from Crossed Over loved ones. Answering questions on Career, Romance, Health, Life-path, and Spiritual Journey. Now in Joseph’s Message & Answers Forum you will have chance in receiving your own personal message from a loved one and answers to what is going to happen in your life.

What to Expect:

psychic_forumPart One: During the first part or the event a questioner form will be filled out where you may ask up to two Life-path questions. As a channel Joseph is able to tap into your own higher self, helping you to have a better understanding along with clarity in your life direction.

How to receive Answers:

During the Answers part of the forum Joseph will guarantee everyone a Life-path reading as he address all guest in answering his or her questions. Joseph will answer questions about Career, Romance, Life-path, and Spiritual Journey. You may ask a question to a loved one only if Joseph was able to connect with them in the first part of the Psychic Forum event.

Part Two: During the second part of the event Joseph will perform random readings throughout the audience. During his Messages from Heaven Gallery Joseph will communicate directly with loved ones, creating a loving bridge to the departed.Be prepared to receive fun-loving and heartfelt messages from the departed.

How to receive Messages:

During the Messages part if you are hoping to connect with someone in particular who has passed on, it is helpful for you to focus on them and the memory of how they were in life. The more open-minded you are, the clearer the messages will be for you. During the event, Joseph will not know who the messages are for until someone claims them. If you hear something that you think relates to you, it is up to you to let him know – don’t be shy, or you may miss your message! It is impossible to read all audience members but please listen to all of the readings, even those for others; one message will often relate to so many people, so be open to the process and experience when attending.