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Restaurants,Clubhouses, New Age Stores, Wellness Centers and Yoga Studios

Have Joseph facilitate a ‘Speaking to Heaven’ event or a ‘Day of Transformation’ event at your establishment.

Witness Joseph’s outstanding demonstration of his Evidential Mediumship style as often seen on TV! During his gallery he brings through clear evidence about your loved ones in spirit, often clarifying questions you might have had since their transition. Recognized as a loving bridge to the departed he brings comfort and joy as he randomly reads for the audience members delivering heartfelt messages that will give your patrons an unforgettable experience. New Age Stores, Wellness Centers and Yoga Studios have Joseph facilitate a Day of Transformation at your establishment. Read details below in hosting your own event.


Restaurant Pricing:

Option 1: Dinner & Show  

This is recommended for an open menu & bar with $10-$20 admission for your patrons. The cost is $800  and covers up to 20 people attending. After 20 people, the cost is an additional $10 per person. 

Option 2: Dinner & Show

This is for Buffet style dinning with a 50/50 split of total sales. Cost per person $50- must have minimum of 50 people. 

Show Only Admission is $40 per person with a 50/50 split of total sales. Must have minimum of 50 people.



Show Admission $40 per person 20 person minimum for local events guarantee payment of $800

Call our office for detail about hosting Joseph at your establishment.

561-433-4012 or email


New Age Stores, Wellness Centers and Yoga Studios

Have Joseph facilitate a Day or Weekend of Transformation Event at your location in the United States or overseas. Joseph offers a wide venue of metaphysical  topics that your patrons would enjoy. Here is a list and you choose what topics you would like Joseph to facilitate at your establishment. 

Commission Split:  Local Events 60/40 * Travel Events*60/40 plus traveling expense * Merchandise Sales 80/20 Contact our office more for details. 561-433-4012 or email



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