Restaurants, New Age Stores, Wellness Centers and Yoga Studios have Joseph facilitate  Events & Workshops at your establishment. Click on buttons below for details on all Joseph’s Services. 


Participate in Exciting Events & Workshops

Speaking to Heaven Event©

Witness Joseph’s outstanding demonstration of his Evidential Mediumship style as often seen on TV! During his gallery he brings through clear evidence about your loved ones in spirit, often clarifying questions you might have had since their transition.

Divine Healing with The Ascended Masters 

Working with his own Collective of guides many have witnessed Joseph perform miraculous healing of major diseases, emotional and physical trauma, depression, and addictions through his healing group service.

Meet The Ascended Masters

Joseph has dedicated himself to channeling in trance Godly words of wisdom from the Ascended Masters and other beings of the God Source. 

Spirit Transfiguration Séance 

Joseph has demonstrated this rare gift of transfiguration in a darken room group setting as he stands up against a black drape. You can actually see the ectoplasm superimposed around Joseph taking on many male and female characteristics.


Lecture and Book Signings

Joseph is an Ordained Minister and has been a guest speaker for numerous seminars. One of Joseph’s greatest accomplishments as an author is to publish one of the most enlightening books available in the New Age market.

Participate in Exciting Workshops 

Unlocking Your Psychic Abilities

Unlock Your Psychic Mind” is a creative and useful workshop that will allow you to learn about your own psychic abilities. Explore the subjects of psychic awareness, assess your psychic strengths, learn how to raise your vibrations, explore your E.S.P. abilities through testing, learn to send and receive telepathically, work with psychic color sensing, and learn psychometry.

Learning to speak to your Angels & Spirit Guides 

Learn techniques on how to contact your own Angels and Spirit Guides by attending this workshop. Through interaction with his own guides, Joseph uses unique and exciting techniques for teaching this class. He will put class participants into a deep trance using hypnosis.

Everyone can Learn Mediumship

 Are you a developing medium who desires focus, guidance, and positive direct feedback? Are you a working Medium who feels you have reached a plateau in your connection to Spirit? Want to develop deeper and stronger connections?



Experience a guided past-life regression meditation, which can give you a release from mental or emotional issues of the past and an expanded perspective on your current life. A future life progression takes you forward in time to explore the possibilities that await you so that you can bring back knowledge and answers to questions about your life right now.

Affirmation Cards Workshop

Join Joseph  for a fun and relaxing workshop on how to use the Divine Affirmation cards to become a healthier and happier you. No matter what you are trying to manifest in your life right now – whether you want to improve your financial situation, resolve health issues, or find the perfect partner – you can shift the outcome in your favor by working with these amazing cards. They have been designed to support and strengthen the healing of our energetic field of potentiality.\

Universal Energy Cards Workshop

Join Joseph LoBrutto III for a fun and relaxing workshop on how to use the Universal Energy cards to become a healthier and happier you. The Universal Energy cards are a unique spiritual tool that was gifted to humanity through channeled contact with highly evolved beings. The Universe is made of pure energy; it’s a vibration. When we tap into this energy, we can use it as a tool to create a better life and the cards allow us to adjust our energy fields so that we can do things like dissolve negative thoughts, deflect unwanted energies, enhance our intuitive ability and even slow down the aging process

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