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Witness Joseph’s outstanding demonstration of his Evidential Mediumship style as often seen on TV! During his gallery he brings through clear evidence about your loved ones in spirit, often clarifying questions you might have had since their transition. Recognized as a loving bridge to the departed he brings comfort and joy as he randomly reads for the audience members delivering heartfelt messages that will make your evening an unforgettable experience.

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Attending this event does not guarantee you a reading, please listen to all of the readings, even those for others; one message will often relate to so many people, so be open to the process and experience when attending. The audience members who are meant to receive messages from their loved ones in spirit, will.

All information obtained is to be taken solely as advisory in nature and is for entertainment only. This Establishment, Our Journey of Life along with Joseph LoBrutto III will not be held liable for any action taken based upon advice received from the aforementioned. Joseph LoBruttto III is not a psychological or medical professional and is unable to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any ailment be it mental or physical in nature.

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