Speaking to Heaven Galleries

Speaking to Heaven Galleries are open to the public. Skepticism is welcome but please come with an open mind, not with the intention on proving the medium wrong. The more opened minded you are the better chance that you will receive an amazing message.

Joseph will perform random readings throughout the audience. He communicates directly with loved ones, creating a loving bridge to the departed. As a mental medium he will sometimes take on the personality of the deceased person by mimicking mannerisms you may remember from when they were alive. Be prepared to receive fun-loving and heartfelt messages from the departed.

Attending this event does not guarantee you a reading, please listen to all of the readings, even those for others; one message will often relate to so many people, so be open to the process and experience when attending. The audience members who are meant to receive messages from their loved ones in spirit, will. To understand the work of a medium, think of the process as a telephone call. The telephone in the spirit world has a dial, and the telephone here in the physical world is only a receiver without any dial. Joseph receives only the communication that the spirit world is willing to send at that given time based on their own free will. If you are hoping to connect with someone in particular who has passed on, it is helpful for you to focus on them and the memory of how they were in life before the reading. The more open-minded you are, the clearer the messages will be for you. During the event, Joseph will not know who the messages are for until someone claims them. If you hear something that you think relates to you, it is up to you to let him know – don’t be shy, or you may miss your message!

All information obtained is to be taken solely as advisory in nature and is for entertainment only. This Establishment, Our Journey of Life along with Joseph LoBrutto III will not be held liable for any action taken based upon advice received from the aforementioned. Joseph LoBruttto III is not a psychological or medical professional and is unable to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any ailment be it mental or physical in nature.