Spiritual Counseling  

If you are at a crossroad in your life and feeling helpless, hurt, or confused, or if you have lost hope, Spiritual Counseling will benefit you. With the help of Higher Guidance Joseph will assist you in finding clarity and focus. Joseph will tap into the God Source channeling the wisdom of the Divine Masters to help find a new direction for you to take in your life. By tapping into your past, present, and future, Joseph will counsel you on your life path to see how you can turn the tides in your favor. Sessions are up to 50 minutes but will go to the hour if needed. 

Why Spiritual Counseling?
Consider a spiritual counseling session if you are seeking guidance, direction, and peace in your life. Experience a form of channeling in a spiritual session where the information is pure and direct, full of Divine Love, Spiritual Truth, and Integrity. As a conscious channel, Joseph will channel the wisdom of his Collective in helping you to find your life path direction. In this session Joseph can address who are your Spirit Guides or angels. Upon request Joseph can go into your past lives.

How does it work over zoom or telephone?
As Joseph explains it, “It’s just like if we were face to face. I have to build up the energy between us, so it is important that if I ask a question, you speak up and I am able to hear you clearly. I work with voice vibrations, but I will never ask you a leading question. The best way I can explain how telephone readings work is that it’s like being on a 3-way phone call between you, me, and my spirit guides. All guides communicate by telepathy and for me, it’s thoughts and feelings. So It does work just as well over the phone as it does face to face.”

Session $295


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