The Promise

The Metaphysical Teachings of Christ
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The Metaphysical Teachings of Christ

“The Promise” brings the story of Jesus to life with the narration of Joseph LoBrutto and the orchestrated music of renowned musician Man Parish. “The Promise” is a compelling account of the blessings that come through powerful spiritual insight and a firm belief in a higher power. The lessons taught by Jesus come alive with refreshingly new relevancy for modern times through Joseph’s intriguing blend of New Age philosophy, Judaism, and Christianity. In this telling of the story of Jesus, familiar events that were described in the bible are now told from the metaphysical perspective.  Jesus attained the Christ consciousness and wants us to know that this consciousness is possible for all beings of this earth. If we believe in the Universal Life Force, we all can become One with the Universe and manifest greatness in our own lives.  

Buy The Promise  Audiobook $9.95

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