Universal Energy Cards

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All beings in the universe communicate with one another by vibrations, sound, and color. These cards were channeled by a person who claimed to be extraterrestrial and gifted to Joseph. The color symbols on the cards are Universal Symbols that holds a certain vibration on each card that will serve a function. By placings your left hand over the cards you will notice heat resonating from some of the cards. Other cards will activate when you are in need of them. 

Card 1: This symbol vibrates to the color Turquoise and is used for Mental Clarity. This card is used to enhance concentration, meditation, and mental capacity and attracts money. Used as a tool for the clearing of the mind, aids in manifestation, and prosperity. Eases stress by clearing phobias and fears. Helps promotes creativity, stimulates perception and insight, along with strengthening the memory, alleviates worry and anxiety as it allows for mental clarity.

Card 3: This symbol vibrates to the color green, deflect unwanted energies. This card is for your health it helps to clear impurities from the body through the spleen and has the power to disinfect. It is used to release repressed emotions and for physical detoxing. This symbol filters germs, infections, and disease and is used to absorb or deflect unwanted energies.

Card 5: This symbol vibrates to the color of Indigo, regeneration on all levels of consciousness. This card strengthens the heart and respiratory system. Shields from negative energy strengthens circulatory system, clears oxygen in the blood. It is calming and protective, aids meditation, aids in purification and regeneration on all levels of consciousness. Protects against insomnia and depression, mood elevator revitalizes, stimulates creative thinking processes, eases death.

Card 7: This symbol vibrates to the color of Gold and is used for Emotions. This card encourages tremendous healing on the emotional and mental levels, helps unblock subconscious fears along with calming nervous tension and relieve depression. Will ensure consistency in happiness, peace, balance, patience, inspiration, friendship and love. Enhances self-esteem alleviates bad dreams, and encourages success in life and business.


The  Energy Cards were created by the Bejianes, an extremely advanced race from a dimension much higher than that of the earth plane and gifted to us through human channels so that we might balance our energy vibration. As any student of metaphysics can tell you, achieving balance is a key factor in the process of manifesting the best results in life.


Card 2: This symbol vibrates to the color Red, used for Happiness in Life. This card is used to counteract negative emotions and healing of the spirit. Stimulates the flow of energy for healing the blood circulation. Dispels fears, guilt, and depression. Used for protection, emotional calming, purifies, balances. It will dissipate negativity in your life, increasing positive attitudes, that brings good luck and happiness.

Card 4: This symbol vibrates to the color Magenta used in the development of Intuition. This card invokes spiritual guidance, opens the psychic eye. Good for dreams and improving psychic ability. It is able to tap into energies of the universe. Excellent for both Spiritual atonement and healing of the energy centers, the physical body, valuable for grounding as well as for vision quests and astral travel.


Card 6: This symbol vibrates to the color Blue, relieves the Signs of Aging. It will help to decrease the aging process and keep you young vigorous and strong. It is a symbol of bravery and strength. Adds courage, will, and passion to the loving heart. Compels truth, promotes good manners, happiness, intelligence, prosperity, longevity, fertility, and good health. Relieves arthritis pain and the signs of aging.

Card 8: This symbol is for Well Being and Good Fortune. It will help with energy transformation keeping your energy balance and protection. Brings good fortune, wealth, health, and long life. Used as protection also to balance the physical energy and relaxes tensions. Increase the feeling of self-confidence and the ability to fight through difficulties. Comforts the heart from all wounds, helps heal emotional pain, enhances love, self-love, positive outlook, joy, and oneness.


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