Dear Joseph
I was very pleased with my reading with you.That I was able to connect with my departed son meant a lot to me and gave me some of the peace I have looked for since his death 5 years ago. I did ask his wife Brenda if she had worn his watch or ring and she said Yes, She had been wearing them for the past 5 years under her clothes and only recently put them away.
She was very moved by your reading as well after listening to the recording. She connected your windmills reference with the decor in their family room and Niagara Falls is near where their son lived close to his work after college. They did do some hiking together as well. There was a joke about some chocolates and dough nuts they used to make and it funny how you comment about the joke.
I am glad my son knew about the scholarships and memorials done for him after he passed and the story I had written about his life and death. The journal story was my way as well as Brenda’s for getting our feelings out. Losing a child leaves a hole in your heart that never heals but you treasure more the children you have left.The missing piece of the puzzle that is no longer with us. Someday it will all fit together again. Though all are grown with families of their own you appreciate what you have and could so easily lose. Share and treasure the moments and memories we have.
Thank You Joseph for making that connection for me with my son. Bless you!
Ethel Blodgett…