The year 2017 is drawing to a close and it seems like people are feeling an even stronger than usual sense of ‘good riddance’ to this year. It has been a year of turmoil, to say the least with our country divided over the elections.. What better time to use some of the tools from our spiritual tool box to move the old energy out and invite in fresh new energy that will attract health and prosperity for us in the new year?

Lots of New Year traditions were created for exactly this purpose. In Wales it’s customary to open the back door at midnight to let the old year out and then to shut it immediately against the return of any bad luck from the old year. Other traditions focus on attracting wealth and prosperity, such as baking coins into cakes or breads or serving black-eyed peas. This southern tradition for new year luck and prosperity goes back to the days of the civil war when stores of black-eyed peas were the only food item not taken by Union soldiers (who thought them to be fodder for livestock) and the Confederates considered it a stroke of luck to be left with those meager supplies which allowed them to survive the winter. Black-eyed peas thus became symbolic of luck.

Customs such as these are based on the underlying universal laws of manifestation that allow us to use our thoughts as tools of co-creation with God in order to attract what we want and need into our lives. By using symbols such as coins or beans our brain begins the process of creating the vision for the desired element to come into our lives. That is what my recordings about working with the Law of Attraction do as well. In fact, I would suggest that (borrowing from the Welsh tradition of opening the door to let the old energy out) you might begin with “Protection – Fear-Trauma – Dealing with Phobias, Negativity, and Psychic Attacks” to learn how to deal with the unwanted negative energy with help from God and the Ascended Masters (and let it out the back door, so to speak).

Then, with a clean slate you can move on to work with “Law of Attraction – Tapping Into the River of Divine Abundance”. That is where all of the Ascended Masters will step in and help you program your mind and energy for positive and abundant thinking. Clients who have listened to these recordings repeatedly have noticed very positive shifts in terms of what they are able to manifest in their lives.


As we move into 2018 it is my fondest wish that each and every one of you can connect with the escrow of prosperity, good health, and loving relationships that is already in your energy field because you have dreamed about it. Remember that the universe supports the reality of our beliefs absolutely. Often we are blocking the path to a better life because we are holding on to outdated beliefs and habits. By taking some time to ‘clean house’ energetically we can open up to receive what is ours by divine right. Happy New Year everyone!

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