I’ve never met Joe Lobrutto Psychic Medium in person. A year ago, something told me I may be crossing paths with him and to be ready. So I got my baseball bat and waited. Then I realized that voice inside my head was telling that this was a good man and not to be frightened. Soon I would start to see his name at random events and times. The voices again were telling me to reach out to him, that he was on to something.Big. I went by his website and left a comment. Since then, we have spoken many times and I have even been on his radio show. It was great meeting and talking with another male intuitive, especially one with his heart in the heavens and his butt on the ground.

I just read “Is There More to Life Than What We Know?” This book is more than a “How to” (although there are excellent tips and exercises to improve intuition). The writings are a platform for Joe’s ” Spirit Guides” to bring messages of hope and peace in a way thats beautifully easy to understand. The world is changing and the story of this book is how to best prepare for the earthly and spiritual events ahead. These guides (my favorite is the humorous ,celtic spirit named Patrick who teaches that laughter raises our vibrations) give us insight to heaven, life after death, angels, extraterrestrials, and Jesus. There is no doubt that LoBrutto has tapped into guidance greater than himself and does a great job of showing us the ups and downs of finding that guidance. The book is an enjoyable read…kind of like riding in the car with a friend while he tells stories of places you’ve never been and can’t wait to get there!
Thanks again Joe for my signed copy of the book. It now serves as an educational tome that I utilize with my clients. The book reminds me of how important trust is in this line of work. I’m learning to trust my guides much more these days.
Ricky Wood Psychic Medium / Intuitive Life Coach…