During the past few years we have lost so many loved ones. Even though we know that they are together, we just wanted someone to validate where they are and to hear from them one more time. Its nice to know when we think we feel them with us, that they really are. Joseph on Friday, June 21st. my niece Erica and I came to meet with you. You were able to bring through My Dad, my Brother, my Uncle EJ and my dear sweet Sally. Also Erica’s old boyfriend also came through. There was no question that it was Daddy who came in first because you knew a lot about him. I knew it was surely Daddy was when you talked about his sense of humor and moonshine!

My brother Tommy came in and Daddy told you that he was a Tom too. They were the II and III. Tommy kept showing you what you described as 2. Erica and I had no idea what it could be. So you suggested Feb. Still had no meaning to us. You were pretty positive that he was saying 2, then you held up 2 fingers and thats when Erica realized that it was not the number 2 but the peace sign! He was always giving people the peace sign and I have a picture of him doing that.
Afterwards you asked who is the “J” with horses. We knew that was our Uncle EJ because he raised horses. EJ then showed you a tornado and I validated that Daddy, EJ and Tommy were together during that tornado. It was amazing on how you kept validating that all of them are with us. You saw my dad and EJ with a guitar. I had just looked at that picture of the two of them a couple of days before our reading.

Sally was my cocker spaniel that passed away, she was close to 14 years old. She was my best friend and loyal companion. You said that she had been run over and she was, when she was a puppy. You also said that she had problems with her organs. You were saying crushed but Sally died of Cushing disease which is what caused her organs to fail.
For my niece Erica you had a special message from a boyfriend that had died suddenly. You mention him by name! Michael had many things to tell Erica, that she needed to hear. There were so many details that you knew about her and Michael that you couldn’t of possibly just grabbed them out of thin air. It was just amazing! It has given both of us such comfort.
I don’t want to share on FaceBook all that you said because it was private and personal but will share the fact that Daddy, Tommy and EJ made you feel welcomed. That was them, they never knew a stranger! All of it was so special and gave me such a peace of mind that I had not felt in a long time. But, when you were about to end the session, you looked at me and said that Daddy wanted me to know that if I needed to talk to him, he was with me and he would hear me. I really needed to know that. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us. We are blessed to have been able to meet with you.
Angela Mumford
Once again you provided the guidance that I needed.…