My mother, sister and I had our first mediumship reading with Joseph LoBrutto. He was absolutely amazing and the real deal for sure! At first I was unsure or believed this was possible until he started our session and Wow! There really is an afterlife and our loved ones do watch over us and communicate. Joseph has given us the proof because he knew things that only we would know.
The session began with grandma as she shared things that were personal to our family and I couldn’t hold back my tears. Then my dad came through with his humor stating that “ hey it’s my dime” meaning that he was the main reason we came to see Joseph. My dad had a lot to say and we were all ears as we wiped away the tears. I missed my dad so much and Joseph was that loving bridge that brought him to us from the other side.
Words can’t express how thankful we all are for Joseph ❤️
Karen Hart