Let me first start by saying I am Agnostic… so it was the biggest step for me to do this. BUT Joseph LoBrutto is THE REAL DEAL!!

I lost my brother 13 years ago and both my parents within 6 months of each other in 2015. I wouldn’t wish the pain I felt on my worst enemy I didn’t sleep for 15 months, my husband was working 50 hours a week and taking care of both the boys under the age of 4 .. i was a zombie! 

I had ONE session with Joseph and when I got home I slept like a baby. Thank you thank you thank you for letting me know that my mom, my dad and my brother are OK ! If you have lost someone you love, Joseph will bring them back to you for closure!! Trust me on that!! I am happy again and it’s all because of Joe!!!  
Laurie Stark