I am not a skeptic, but was doubtful that I would be contacting family on the other side because there was a large group of people who were just as hopeful to hear from their loved ones as well. To begin the gallery Joseph had all of us count to ten then call out our names three times, it sounded like one huge voice. Then Joseph asked “who is Marlene?” Raising my hand, I was in shock! In my head I was saying to myself, oh my, I’m first. I am going to talk with the other side!

As Joseph spoke details of my parents I confirmed the things he said to be true. Wow! Not just a few small details but many things that he would have no way of knowing. I had tears of joy along with confirmation that it was my parents. There spoken message gave me closure, peace, relief and hope for future events. I was so overcome by all of this that tears filled my eyes, but the icing on the cake was upon the conclusion. Joseph said, “They want to give you a hug.” I worked my way towards Joseph for my hug, but I tell you, it was a group hug! I felt my parents, my uncle who also came forward, and could even smell the scent of my Mother! I have to tell you that it was the best hug I have ever had.

Seeing Joseph at another event a few weeks later, I asked him to hug me again. I wanted to prove to myself if what I felt from our last hug from my family, was real. Although Joseph is a great huger it was truly a very different hug! Since meeting with Joseph I am talking to my parents all the time now as I know they are my spirit guides. Thank you so much Joseph! I am truly comforted.
Love you tons!  Marlene