Joseph, the past three years I have been dealing with pain all over my body that no doctors were able to help me. I asked myself, how at 32 can I live my life like this everyday! Joseph I was at your healing session on Saturday and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me! Because of the healing I received from you, I don’t have to live in pain anymore!

The day after the healing I was able to stand up normally without aches and pain throughout my body, and was able to walk without a limp. The following day I was able to turn my neck and my chronic migraine that I had for weeks was gone!

I also want to thank you for my message from my dad. It is the first time since my dad’s passing that I felt everything’s going to be okay. I now know that my dad is around me and it warms my heart and I can’t thank you enough…….
Janie Martinez Gonzalez…