I just have to say that I went to this event with my cousin and was a bit skeptical of course. As Joseph began going around the room I became nervous and scared as I witness other people reactions to what Joseph had to say about their loved ones. Joseph came over to where my cousin and I were sitting but it wasn’t for us but for a person a couple seats over. Then later he returned to our section and walked towards our table but it was now the person in front of me. What he said to this person I felt it could pertain to me.

Just then he looked right at me and said ” you lost your daughter as well.” When Joseph was communicating with me through my daughter, it was scary and yet I was emotional. The things he was saying were so on point and scary at the same time. This man doesn’t know me or personal things about myself and family but he knew everything! For him to know that my daughter and my dad are together meant everything to me. He told me that my daughter wants me to forgive in my heart what happened on that day is so surreal.

I just want to thank Joseph LoBrutto III for his gift that God has given him in able to deliver comfort and answers to us that are left behind. I now want to schedule a one on one because I know there is so much more. I believe..I believe God allowed me to go there that night because I’m so broken and I needed the message that was given to me through Joseph from God. The gift God that has given Joseph is incredibly and beautiful. ????..Some people may be skeptical like I was before meeting Joseph but he gave me what I needed to hear.

Thank you again Joseph.

Sophia Bri