Dear Oprah Producers
I had first met Joseph LoBrutto at a gallery in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. I was so impressed with what I heard and saw, I decided to schedule my own private reading. My experience with Joseph was wonderful and inspirational. I mean he is the “REAL DEAL!!” I walked away with so much information I could not believe it.
After that I started going to his class on intuitive development. Each time I am in presence of Psychic Medium Joseph’s he amazes me over and over again. He has been able to connect with my loved ones whom have crossed over and bring back all of my childhood memories. What really freak’s me out are the things he said no one but I would know. If anyone has the desire to have a reading with a Psychic Medium , Joseph should be on the top of everyone’s list!!! I have never believed in someone’s ability so much in my life. He is not just a medium, in my opinion he is the most amazing Psychic Medium out there.
Stacey R. Bator Royal