The Oprah Show
My fiancee recently passed away, it was not from a long illness, it was something that just happened. One night I was home and the thought of finding a medium popped into my head and never left me until I found one. I didn’t want to do a phone reading so I needed to find some one close to where I live. I eventually tracked down a man who was close to me in Florida. Now Florida only had three in the whole state and Joseph LoBrutto happened to be one of them. I believe my fiancee put the thought in my head, because I knew for a fact he was a believer in this sort of thing I called Joseph and spoke to him to make arrangements, and just from that one phone call I had a good feeling about all of this. I was a believer to begin with, but now I was convinced. Joseph said that since it was still fairly recent since Tommy’s passing he may not be able to reach him but he would give it a try. Not only did he reach him, and told me things that only Tommy and I would know, but other family members came through as well which was just the icing on the cake. I feel like I got some closure and answers, I truly feel like I was connected to all of them. And I also believe that Joseph is the real deal. I would not only do it again, but I have told my friends and family all about him. He is truly amazing and I cant say enough about how wonderful he is.
Alethea Coons
Delray Beach, Florida…