I met with Joseph LoBrutto just a few days ago and I was pleasantly amazed about how spot on he was. The only thing I had to tell him was my first name the rest was simple. I was able to connect with a significant other who will always be so dear to me. The specific details and feedback I received back was shocking. There were certain things I forgot about or even things that only my love knew.

For instance there was a moment when I was asked about if I ever wore a red dress and I couldn’t remember ever wearing a red dress with my love and then I realized as I was driivng home after our meeting that I wore a red dress in the very first picture my significant other and I ever took together.

I was even reminded about how important last summer was to us when we shared a lot of precious memories and Joseph even mentioned the beautiful gold ring that was given to me the time my love and I went to a concert. I’m just so grateful to have had this moment to connect with my love especially through my time of grieving it definitely helped. Joseph is amazing and very nice, I felt completely comfortable during the session.

Christine Copeland