Joseph is real deal!! The one thing that concerns me with mediums is them being able to look up information on you before the reading and “fishing” for information during. There was no “fishing” during the reading at all. Joseph was SPOT ON with everything he was saying. 

The most important thing I went there hoping to hear was that my father accepted my son (who is mixed). Within the first 5 mins- Joseph told me that my dad wants me to know I have a fine young man at home and he no longer sees color- he sees a person for who he is and he is proud of me and my son. I was able to connect with both my father and grandmother. 

This was hands down the most unbelievable experience of my life. I left his office feeling so at peace knowing that my loved ones are still with me. The things Joseph knew- were not things you can find on the internet!! How would he know about “the dragonfly tattoo on the leg” that my grandmother got with me many years ago…. Impossible. He truly has an amazing gift. Thank you Joseph for giving me comfort and helping me heal! I will be sending several people your way for you to give them the same gift you gave me!

Jessica Lease