My Mother passed away a few months ago and her death was unexpected. Needless to say I was shocked and grief stricken. After her death I wanted to have a better understanding about the afterlife and I read both of Josephs books “Is there More to Life than we Know’ and “Speaking to Heaven.”

Lets say I couldn’t read them fast enough!! Not only did they bring me comfort from my grief, it also helped me to understand what my mother was experiencing “after she died”. She really didn’t die she was reborn. She went home! Our souls are who we really are. I have been obsessed with afterlife books ever since books like Dr. Moody’s Life after Life. Josephs books have started a chain of events in my life that will forever change everything for me. I’m more positive, kinder, more understanding and compassionate towards others.

I learned that everyone is on their own journey! I urge anyone that has experienced the loss of a loved one to read his books…it will forever change your life!!! Afterwards I had a session with Joseph and had a beautiful and unique experience that began the healing process for myself and my family.

Ivette Santiago Doucette