Remember our phone session back in February and you asked me if I was pregnant and I said no…. You then proceeded to say that my deceased mom was telling you that I was going to be pregnant with a boy and that she was nodding her head up and down laughing with happiness.
Well,”Guess what?” I’m five weeks pregnant now! I had my doctor appointment on her birthday, which was my confirmation appointment that I was pregnant! What’s even better: My due date is the day before what would have been my parents wedding anniversary and is also the date of my dad’s death. I just wanted to let you know that my mom sure connected with you in a BIG way… Months LaterI have given birth and getting back to you and did in fact had a boy! I felt my parents there as you stated in my reading. Through the labor I felt calmness and peace just laying there- my husband was even amazed. I truly felt them there with me. Thanks again for everything.
Nadia F. West Palm Beach Florida…