“Joseph is truly a godsend! I found myself struggling to deal with the passing of my father who was also my best friend. Our relationship was so close that no words could describe the bond we shared besides the fact that I was “Daddy’s Little Girl.” On the day of my Fathers memorial, my Aunt came across an ad on Facebook mentioning Joseph’s show at Renegade which really struck a heart string, cause out of all days to receive this WHY today? WHY would that show up when she’s never been to renegades or searched psychic mediums?? It compelled us that maybe it was a sign, after all – my dad was a Joseph too!
Instead of going to his show we decided to book a private session to guarantee that we would be read, and hopefully I would be able to reconnect with my Dad and he could somehow bring me the closure I needed to piece together my broken life as his passing was so sudden and unexpected… He was so young and had so much life ahead of him. I am in Nursing school and have always had a passion to help and inspire others, but after my Dad’s passing it was so hard to continue on, “How am I supposed to lift others when I can’t even lift myself back up?” My biggest concern was if I was there, was there anything I could have done to save him?

I was a little skeptical that I made the appointment on a friends credit card, and put the appointment under her name so I knew that he couldn’t “research me” – google my name etc. I’ve never had a reading performed and I didn’t want to make myself vulnerable to be more devastated after leaving his office but it was the complete opposite.
The second Joseph walked in; he just had such a presence and light about him. He didn’t ask any leading questions, and he really channeled my Dad’s spirit almost instantly. From the words his used, to his sense of humor – he hit the nail right on the head. He described my Dad’s passing and reassured me that it was his time, and it happened so quickly that there is nothing in my power I could have done to change the outcome. Joseph reassured me that my Dad is still with me in spirit every day of my life as he mentioned things that have happened after his passing and touched upon mostly everything that I had been “beating myself up” about or struggling to find answers to.

Joseph then called me out on being skeptical and it was my Dad who completely threw me under the bus by telling Joseph that I used a friends name so he could not google me! … Thanks Dad! He was a good sport and laughed it off. Leaving his office I just felt such a sense of peace and a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders…If there was one skeptical bone in my body, after my reading it was gone. He has proved time and time again that my Dad was there by mentioning things that even if he did research me, were things he’d NEVER know! If anyone is struggling with the loss of a loved one, Joseph is your answer. He is such a loving and kind soul that can truly touch your heart with his powerful messages and reassure you that there really is more to life and that your loved ones are always with you… just in a different way.
Words cannot express how thankful I am to have had this reading with Joseph. All I can really say is that it was such a blessing, and I can move forward with my life and with the peace and closure I so desperately needed. I can only aspire to help others as much in my career as Joseph has with his… Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!”
Shawna Foreman…