Hello Mr. Lo Brutto,
I first wanted to say thank you for utilizing your gifts to help get on touch with my dad, grandma and grandpa. I left your office in very high spirits and at this stage in my life I really needed something positive.
Secondly, I’m writing you to let you know that you were right! One of the people that were trying to send a message was my father in law. I knew that he had been shot but I didn’t know where. You kept saying head injury or trauma to the head but neither you nor I knew what it meant well… your guides were accurate, unfortunately he was shot in the head and he had two boys and a girl (my husband and his siblings) and you kept saying swans. After sharing my experience with my mom when I had mentioned the swans she sort of froze and just looked at me saying ”I can’t believe it”. She said earlier in the week she had seen a swan figurine and it had reminded her of my grandmother. So it was definitely grandma!
My mother also wanted me to tell you thank you on her behalf because she said my dad had never apologized to her. In my heart I believe she needed to hear that too. So again I will say thank you, your book is wonderful, thank you for the gift because there are a lot of things that you have written that I can relate to and I don’t feel so crazy lol.
And this is my prayer for you : May God the father of heaven and Earth keep his loving hand on you always, keep you in good health, make your life even more prosperous and surround you with truth and love until the day he chooses to see you again in person. May the his light always illuminate your thoughts and protect you wherever you go, in Jesus name Amen !
Respectfully, Aurora Lozada-Galego…