The word gratitude comes to mind, in trying to express my sincere thanks to Joseph for helping to diagnose our dear friend Connie.  He sent me a text explaining everything going on with her, and everything he said was confirmed by what the doctor said to her this morning, with even more information then they have yet. I am sure all the blood work results that come back, will once again reveal everything Joe touched upon. I am still in awe….
Connie’s immune system is very weak, and her blood levels are low, and she has severe allergies. I ask Connie to start a rich folic acid type food regimen 3 times a day, get a B12 shot and also start detoxifying her body with certain steps she needs to follow. All these things along with her new fantastic doctor…will definitely put her on the road to recovery…..
My only regret, is why I didn’t seek him earlier….your awesome Joe, thanks a million!!!
Vicki Morris ~ Memphis TN,…