It’s been 2 months today since my brother was killed in a motorscooter accident. Not one day has gone by in these past few months that I have not thought of him or grieved in some way. The pain of losing him is still so strong and comes in waves of emotion. However, I have found some peace in knowing he is okay and happy.

Last Sunday was my birthday. Even though I was spoiled with presents and love, the absolute best present my family gave to me was the ability to talk with my brother through Joseph LoBrutto a pyschic medium. It gave me some closure to his tragically abrupt death.

I have to admit that I was skeptical but still open to the possibility of the medium being “real” after listening to the recording of my parent’s reading 17 days after my brother passed. There just was no possible explanation to how this medium knew all the details and nicknames without getting it directly from my brother.

As mentioned, I went into the dinner party skeptical but hopeful. As guests began to arrive and greet all of us, I started getting really excited. The energy was happy and lifting however, when the hour drew near for Joseph to arrive I felt a huge shift in energy. I started to sweat and get nervous. I actually started sweating so badly that I sweat right through my shirt and had to change. However, I could tell I was not the only one with this nervous energy pouring into the room. Each person had their own set of thoughts and anxieties. As Joseph
knocked on the door, the nervous energy in the room was almost palpable.

We all sat and listened as he introduced himself as Joseph LoBrutto, professional medium. He explained what we should expect during this reading and I started to feel really excited.

I won’t get into a lot of details about what was discussed, as some of it is personal to the other families that were there. There were details so specific to the other families, there is just no way these were guesses. Plus, Joseph was never informed with any of the names of the guests that would be in attendance.

What I will tell you is that I am 100% confident that my brother spoke directly to me and I was able to validate information only a very few people would know. My heart skipped a few beats when Joseph was speaking to me about my brother. But, what really took my breath away was when Joseph asked me if the phrase “chicken fights” meant anything to me. It was in this very moment I knew without a shadow of a doubt that my brother Thomas was truly with us in spirit. About 6 hours earlier that very day, my little sister, my husband, my kids, and I were all swimming in the pool. My husband had never heard of the game “Chicken Fight” before, so we explained the rules and had a great time playing and laughing. When I validated to the medium that we were playing that game earlier that day, he told us, “Know that Thomas was there with you all today. He says that, Amber (my daughter, his neice) would be on his team and they would clearly win.” As I was hearing this words, I could clearly visualize him saying them.

Throughout the reading, Joseph gave me hope and peace in knowing that my brother was okay and even happy where he is at.

I have started reading Joseph’s book, Speaking To Heaven and I am learning so much about what happens after death. I still struggle with the gripping grief from time to time, but I have better overall understanding of what’s after this life and that gives me peace. If you have lost a loved one, I highly suggest reading this book. Joseph addresses so many questions that most people have.

(Quote from his book)
Have you ever had something happen that seemed to be just a coincidence, yet you somehow felt that it was not? Sometimes you might be looking for direction in life and suddenly someone gives you a flyer or business card directing you to just the right person, place, or event just as you need it. When something synchronistic happens in your life and you get the feeling your loved one in Heaven was somehow involved, you are probably right!

Amy L Andell