To the Oprah Show,

My son, Jordan, passed away in September of 2007. Both my daughter and I wanted to speak with Joseph to see if he could connect with my son and other relatives and possibly address some of our questions/concerns. We were a little nervous but since we both believe that there is “something” about communication with departed souls, ghosts, and occult phenomenon, we really wanted to give Joseph a try.

Joseph was completely honest on the phone and told us that he doesn’t guarantee the person we wish to speak with will always come through, but to keep an open mind. I was also very impressed that he didn’t ask for any detailed information ahead of time. We were very fortunate that Jordan did come through! Joseph addressed things that only I knew or my daughter knew. Meeting with Joseph far exceeded our expectations. Both of us left with a complete sense of peace and serenity knowing that Jordan is okay, and a whole new perspective on psychic mediums.
Lisa Levine Coral Springs Florida…