I want to thank you for giving such a wonderful workshop on Saturday afternoon. I found the class extremely informative in helping me with my psychic abilities.
Five months ago, you gave me a reading over the phone and said that my writing career will get started in New York. I was absolutely blown away because I might have an opportunity to write for an on-line New York paper over the summer. You also mentioned to me that you saw me as a child writing at my desk. This was before I even told you I was a writer. Here comes the scary part….When I was younger, I had a feeling that one day it would all manifest for me. Then, I got a little older and started doubting my career, was scared of fame, etc. In class, you put it in perspective for by saying, “You need to believe in manifesting”. Sometimes, we all need a little support while we’re on our journeys.
I wish you all the best.
Thanks Again,