The first holiday after you lose someone is always hard. You will most likely feel like not celebrating the season, but you may find yourself going along with it for the sake of the kids and the family. Still, it will be painful and the only thing on your mind will be the urge to crawl away somewhere and remember the holidays of the past.

Please know that you will get through this no matter how much it hurts. As a medium I am able to peek through the veil to where our loved ones reside and I can actually see their reaction when they are near you. They know what we must take on faith – that heaven is only a breath away and our loved ones are only a whisper away. So speak to them! They will hear you. Jesus taught that Heaven is within us. When we connect with our loved ones in heaven, it is through our soul. Know that your loved ones are always near, especially during holiday times. They want to be a part of the festivities and to see the joy in the eyes of children as they open their presents (even children they may never have seen while physically on earth!)

As you move through this challenging season, be aware that you are not alone. Your loved ones are there watching everything. During the first year after the death of a loved one, they are still very much earthbound and they are likely to send evidence of their presence. LOOK FOR SIGNS! It can come to you as a special song playing, lights flickering on and off, or a certain scent that reminds you of them. Be open to the idea that they are indeed present and welcome them. Thank God for all of the holidays that you had with them. You may still grieve, but also light a candle in their honor or better yet, start a new tradition in their memory.

Book: Speaking to HeavenIn my role as a medium I have found that many people take comfort in learning more about heaven and what happens to their loved ones after they pass. In my newest book, Speaking to Heaven, I have described the experience of the afterlife as it has been communicated to me by spirit. Who better to tell us about heaven than those who have already passed on? It is filled with many stories from my readings and galleries describing those special moments when I have connected living family members with their loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. Time after time their messages come as reminders that when we die, we do not simply cease to exist but we move on to a higher spiritual dimension.

If you have recently lost a loved one there is likely not a way to take joy in this season, but it’s very possible to take comfort in knowing your loved ones have not gone far from your heart and that you can connect with them any time that you need to. Next year it will not be as hard; trust me when I say it does get easier.  In the meantime warmest blessings to you and yours – Joseph

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