img_4994-1Greetings to everyone! I hope that you are finding time to actually enjoy life during this busy holiday season despite all of the hustle and bustle. Although this is a time of year that we say we have set aside for spiritual reverence and focus on family and what really matters, we live in a reality that appears not to allow for any of those things. This time of year seems to be more about finding the very best present for everyone or getting the best travel rate to visit family than it is about the quality of time that we spend with them once we are together. And then, once we are with our family, they proceed to behave like their usual selves rather than the ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ version of them we have in our holiday fantasy and we are dealing with disappointment and resentment. Happy holidays indeed!

One key to successfully managing this stressful time of year is to really concentrate on using our spiritual tools to stay centered. Connecting with spirit is a great way to slow down the pace for a little while and open ourselves up to guidance from the spiritual masters. We can do this in many different ways and everyone will have their own unique way to unplug from the world at large and plug in with spirit.

9ec0aad2-54b3-e611-9412-a0d3c1f7be1fMany people enjoy spending time in nature, for example, as a way of connecting with spirit. Those of us who live here in south Florida have the beach at our disposal and a few quiet hours listening to the surf can really help to restore the spirit. Others may feel better doing something creative. We are all co-creators with God and our spirits are happy when we are doing such things as writing, singing, crafting, drawing, cooking or even building a Snowman lol..

There are lots of ways to be creative during the holidays doing everything from baking cookies to singing in the choir; even decorating our homes for the holidays is a very creative act. However, if these activities feel like yet another wearying “Thing To Do” that must be ticked off the list, it might be a good idea to enjoy something more passive.


We should have a daily ritual of some sort that allows us to connect with spirit where we take some quiet time every day to read inspirational material and pray or meditate. Our mind is the most important tool in how we manifest our reality here in the world. It’s like an instrument that we must keep finely tuned with all of the things with which we fill our minds and hearts. A great tool to help with this is the use of affirmations. By using a combination of prayer and meditation and positive, energizing affirmations we will be able to set our ‘energy compass’ to remain positive and loving and open to the natural abundance of life despite all of the noise and chaos.

I have created a number of recordings that range from useful affirmations for creating prosperity and healing to a narration of the metaphysical teachings of Jesus. (What could be more appropriate for this time of year than hearing about what Jesus really came here to teach us?) They are available on CD or as Mp3 files that can be easily downloaded. Because of the popularity of the meditations that I have been doing for many years in my galleries and workshops I have made them available for everyone to use as spiritual tools at any time. Many of my clients have come back to me with stories about problems and difficulties that they have been able to overcome by simply using these affirmations and meditations as part of their daily spiritual practice. If you would like to know more about all of my products go here: (Link to website with products.) Remember, the key is to be consistent with these or with any spiritual tools. Use them as a daily practice, or several times a week, and you will begin to notice a difference. In the meantime I have lots of exciting things planned for the new year to help with our continuing “Journey of Life”, so stay tuned. I wish you and yours the very best of the holidays!

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