Dear Joseph,
I was having a difficult time, dealing with the death of my best friend, Chris. I had never had any contact with his out-of-state family, and he had just moved to another city when I found out he was dead. I didn’t’t know the answers to all of the questions I had. I was feeling a loss I had never experienced before.

Joseph you are amazing! The way you channeled Chris, someone whom you have never met before, was perfect. You spoke like him, acted like him, and talked about things that only Chris and I knew. The first reading set my mind at ease and I knew without a doubt, that Chris was still with me in spirit and will forever be part of my life. I also have to include that my family and friends were impressed with your abilities. You lifted the weight from their hurting hearts. I cannot express my gratitude enough. Thank you, Joseph.
Heather ChristJohn
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida…