I just happen to tuned into a radio show last night and felt that I had to call the show to talk with Psychic Medium Joseph LoBrutto III. This was the first time I have ever spoken to a medium and was curious was this really real.
Joseph began with the letter “R” and stated that it can be a name or stand for a title. At that time it made no sense, however he ended by saying who’s the pastor, and then it all made sense. The “R” stands for “Reverend” for my father was indeed a great pastor and founder of over 100 churches all throughout South Florida, as well as spiritual adviser. He was, Reverend W.L Hopkins. What I really found awesome Joseph told me how many years my father has been gone, and began to mention how many siblings I have. Being that it was radio, our time was cut short but I knew he had so much more to tell me , “only if we had more time.” Joseph I’m so grateful for your “authenticity” in your workings.
Peace and Many Blessings
Kelvin Hopkins ~ West Palm Beach, Florida…